web based lead management system

While the health food craze has seemed to hit America full swing and knocked down our esteem of fast food establishments, I’m sure there are many of us who still remember McDonald’s Happy Meals with fondness. What wasn’t to love about a Happy Meal? It came in a brightly colored little package and was stocked with chicken nuggets, a small fry, and later, a toy. Imagine receiving a Happy Meal and realizing that the package was empty except for a sad little box of chicken nuggets. That’s what an email system seems like after you’ve used Blitz Contact Management Software—completely disappointing. Blitz is an all-in-one web-based lead management software, providing small businesses with an easy contact management system and a powerful lead-tracking tool. Below you’ll find 6 reasons why email systems are a couple fries short of a Happy Meal.

1.)  Blitz gives you the ability to track lead’s history

Blitz’s primary function is to be the ultimate lead-tracking database.  That means Blitz can store your contacts, send automatic emails to contacts, place leads on users’ schedules, and more. An email system can really only send emails manually and store basic information on your contacts.

2.)  More users can access Blitz’s database

All Blitz users can log into Blitz’s system and view changes. For example, if a user writes in history for a contact, all users are then able to view this history. Email systems are more catered towards the individual. Blitz software makes sure that the whole sales team is included.

3.)  Blitz lets you track leads’ history

In an email system, you can store contacts, but you can’t add much information other than their basic details. Blitz lets you write in history based on your contact with the lead, record milestones you lead has reached, and mark whether the lead is “hot” or “uninterested” in your product.

4.)  Easier to manage list of contacts in Blitz

Blitz allows users to search, sort, and filter their leads by any criteria, while sorting contacts isn’t as developed in email systems.

5.)  Blitz can automate many different tasks

Blitz is like an email system, but with more intelligence behind it. If you set up the Workflow functionality in Blitz, you can automatically have emails sent out to the leads you want to target. Workflow will also automatically schedule follow-ups with those leads you’d like to contact again.

6.)  Blitz has reporting capabilities

Unlike an email system, Blitz’s software keeps record of almost all activity within the system. So if you’d like to monitor your users’ activities, you can generate a report directly in Blitz. Or maybe you’d like to see a report on the history entered in for leads. Blitz can generate reports on virtually anything you’d like to know, giving you the inside details on your sales pipeline.