prospecting for leads

Blitz helps you keep a look out on your staff with the lead log history report.

Blitz’s lead log history report is one of many reports you can generate within Blitz software. The report lets you view the history notes that your staff is entering for leads. Rather than having constant email updates about your employee’s activities, you can see history details all on one, organized page. Blitz lets you create your own lead log types, so you’re able to track any activity you’d like. You can filter the report down to reveal exactly what you’re looking for.

Blitz keeps record of staff’s phone calls and sent emails, allowing you to keep an eye on how your employees are handling sales. If you wanted to see how a particular employee was doing, simply choose a specific time frame and you can generate a report of all the notes written by the employee. At a glance, you’ll get an understanding of how the employee communicates with leads and closes sales. On a generated report leads’ details appear right next to notes taken of them, giving managers the ability to go further into individual lead logs to investigate any interesting or suspicious notes on the report.

The lead log history report is best used as a teaching tool. For example, if you see from the history notes that employees tend to get hung up on a certain part of their sales process, you can teach them to overcome their barriers. Using the lead log history report gives you the insight to help your staff on the areas you see them struggling with. Perhaps you notice that employees are taking an approach to leads that isn’t quite working. With Blitz, you can pinpoint exactly where their approach is failing and suggest a different angle.

Blitz’s concern, first and foremost, is lead tracking. The lead log history report provides full details on your company’s interactions with leads. Ever wonder how many of your workflow emails are reaching leads? Run a report. The lead log history report will show you which leads have unsubscribed from your emails, marked emails as SPAM, or didn’t receive emails because they were sent to bad addresses. Or maybe you want to know whether leads are being distributed honestly. All you have to do is filter by log type to see how many merged duplicates or quick assigns users have been contacting.

The lead log history report can be easily exported to an excel of CSV file, meaning you could include it in an email, as a part of a presentation, and more. Blitz is with you every step of your sales process and will assist you in your look out.