Using Blitz Lead Manager as a coaching tool

  The effectiveness of a lead management software directly reflects the usage of the system.  Users logging in daily begin to notice they are getting more done in less time, while users that don’t fully embrace the system seem to be having the same hang ups...

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How to ensure users are working leads in Blitz

Just like any other system or office procedure, Blitz Lead Manager is only as good as the users make it.  Sure, maybe you have loaded in a ton of leads or trained your staff to do so, but are you utilizing the reports and features to ensure your staff is making the...

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3 Ways to Ensure that Sales Representatives Reach their Selling Goals

  Sometimes, all a sales representative needs in order to reach their sales goals is the right kind of motivation. With Blitz sales software, managers are able to motivate their sales reps to reach their selling goals by using several of Blitz’s tracking...

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