How to Generate B2B Leads In a Post-Pandemic World

B2B lead generation used to be relatively straightforward before the advent of COVID-19, but since then, the sales and marketing processes have been adversely disrupted. Things are never going to be the same again, so businesses have to think outside of the box and...

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How to Write Sales Email Templates That Will Actually Revive Cold Leads

Reviving cold leads is made easier with these effective sales email templates. Because purchasing leads can be expensive, remember to use free online resources such as LinkedIn whenever you can. The directors and executive at companies are generally easy to find and...

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Automating Different Stages of the Sales Process

  The sales process contains many moving parts.  Reps must be able to handle new leads, following up with recent quotes, cross selling to current customers, trying to win back past business, and more, simultaneously.  Dealing with potential clients at different...

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