Contact Management In Blitz Sales CRM Software

Turn your customers into brand ambassadors. With multichannel communication capabilities, Blitz Sales CRM Software lets you exceed your customer’s expectations every time they contact you.

Manage Your Contacts More Efficiently

Businesses need contact management software to stay on top of their leads and customers, manage their calendar, streamline their sales process, and easily collaborate with other employees.  Automating some of these processes keeps their staff organized and on task, creating valuable time to establish better relationships with prospects and clients.

Blitz’s simple tools and reports simplify each contact manager’s software-related task in the office.  It’s like a central hub that integrates the processes and other programs that companies are already using, making it easy to transition

Access Data Anywhere

Why use software that you can’t take with you? Being able to access data from anywhere at any time is important. Having information stored in the cloud allows you to log in from your phone using Blitz Mobile or to use a laptop when you are out of the office.

Automation To Grow

Use automation to reach contacts at optimal times and keep your staff’s schedules full.

Manage Contacts

Keep leads organized within your staff by assigning them out, giving each employee their own list to work from. Leads in Blitz can be assigned automatically, by percentage, or one at a time.


Track Communication

Build and save email templates, send emails, and other means of communication.

Meeting Scheduling

Have a live calendar feed to keep your staff up to date on availability when talking to leads or customers.

Nurture Leads

Some leads don’t convert immediately and may require to follow up calls and emails. Set up personal and automated follow-ups to touch base until the prospect is ready to buy. Blitz sales CRM software’s Workflow functionality automatically sends emails to leads and schedules appointments for your staff until the leads are either sold or not interested.

Evaluate Sales Process

Periodically running reports will tell you what (and who) is and isn’t working. Blitz provides simple reports to tell you which sales and marketing techniques are producing the most new customers.

User Management

Keep your data secure, only give access to certain customizations based on user profiles.

Increase Customer Retention and Satisfaction

Connect with Customers

Following up with contacts doesn’t end after they sign up or become a customer. That is half the battle! By adding sales software to your follow-up process, you now have the ability to check in or touch base with your clients to make sure they are having the best experience possible. This is also a great opportunity to potentially cross-sell to these clients down the road. 


Referral Generation

Blitz Sales Software takes pride in its ability to be used as a referral generator. The best kind of customer is one who refers your product/service to other friends and family. Blitz can be set up to automatically ask for referrals or to send thank-you’s to current customers for joining you.

Improve Communication for Staff

Sometimes consistent communication can be a struggle. Blitz Sales Software has a feature called History Notes that acts as a saved database of information on a specific company/contact. Using this feature, your team can add any new information about a contact. History Notes also help other employees assist other team members because they have all the current information available about any contact. By documenting notes, your team will never miss a beat!

Email Templates

Tired of having to type emails out daily? Your team is probably spending 10-30 hours per week writing follow-up emails for clients or prospects. Having a well-organized variety of email templates already loaded into Blitz can help save your team time!

Enhance Operational Management Activities

Stay Connected

Staying connected can be cumbersome and difficult for not only you but other staff members as well. Having an intelligent sales software on your team is the best thing you can do for your staff. Employees shouldn’t have to stress about manually filling their schedule with appointments for the day or which contact they need to reach out to. Having Blitz Sales Software’s Workflow Automation set appointment automatically and reput people in a follow-up process can help you never miss an opportunity again.

Accurate Information In Real-Time

Why guess what needs to be done in your business? A sales software can give you the ability to stop guessing if your team is closing deals and instead assure you that they are! With the different reports in Blitz Sales Software, you’ll be able to see the effectiveness of your sales and marketing campaigns.

Identify and Correct Inefficiencies

It is important to be efficient in any business. This is where sales software, like Blitz, can make an immediate impact on your organization. One of the areas of sales that salespeople struggle with is following up with contacts. Intelligent workflow automation can help solve this issue. Workflow takes over some of the more manual aspects of your sales process and helps you to identify and correct any inefficiencies.

Control the Front of Your Sales Pipeline

The most important part of the sales process is the front end or the beginning. This is also one of the most overlooked areas as well! Having sales software can allow you to spend less time following up with those contacts and spend more time closing MORE deals!

Improve Employee Effectiveness and Sales

Work As a Team

Having an efficient sales software for your business can improve the ability of your staff to work as a team. Blitz gives you the opportunity to create and maintain a system that works for you rather than your team stressing about working for it.


The dashboards within our system help you and your team to be able to quickly glance and see a high-level view of where your contacts are in the sales and follow-up process. These dashboards give you a visual overview of your company so you can see what areas need attention. The dashboards also show you how the workflow feature is constantly working for you to stay on top of prospects and clients.

Access Data Anywhere

Why use software that you can’t take with you? Being able to access data from anywhere at any time is important. Having information stored in the cloud allows you to log in from your phone using Blitz Mobile or to use a laptop when you are out of the office.


Coaching Staff

Do your employees tend to forget to follow up with contacts? Blitz helps you coach your team on the importance of following up! The workflow feature automatically schedules appointments on your staffs’ schedules to make following up a breeze. By enabling lead update emails, management can easily see what’s going on and can help coach their team on better ways to handle different objections or complaints.

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