What is Blitz Sales Software™?

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Blitz Sales Software™ is a Cloud-Based Sales and Sales Management System that Automates Sales Follow Up Activities When Working With Leads, Referrals, Clients, and Past Clients.


Sales Follow Up Strategy

  • Plan Sales Follow-Up Activities
  • Organize Sales Follow-Up Data
  • Segment Prospects & Customers
  • Sort and Filter Data


Sales Follow Up Plan

  • Get contacts into One System
  • Send Drip Emails
  • Schedule Reminders
  • Record History Note


Sales Follow Up Execution

  • Track Sales Opportunities
  • Track Sales Pipeline Milestones
  • Generate On/Offline Reports
  • Monitor and Coach People

Did You Know That Blitz Sales Software™…

Is built to have technology work for you rather than forcing you to work for technology

Is available to you and your team anytime, anywhere, from any computer, tablet, laptop, or cell phone

business man working
Enables you to automatically get leads, referrals, clients, and past clients into one system
Enables you to easily integrate with sales, marketing, and other systems through APIs

Automatically executes sales follow up activities — with leads, referrals, clients, and past clients

Provides you with “Live-Time” reporting on sales activities, sales opportunities, and sales people

What Are People Saying About Blitz Sales Software™?

“My employees actually believe in using Blitz because they see the benefits AND results of having a highly effective and efficient tool. Blitz has changed the way we do business!”

Kevin Mlynarek

Owner, Allstate Insurance

“Blitz is cutting edge and has allowed us to streamline our sales processes, improve productivity, and increase employee performance. I’m not sure how we functioned without it!”

Bob Armbruster

CEO, Clean Team

“Using the Blitz system has made lead tracking so easy while increasing efficiency and productivity! I can’t imagine tracking leads any other way.”

Ross DeAngelis

Owner, DeAngelis Financial Services, LLC