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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I have to Download?

Blitz Sales Software is 100% web-based all you need is your browser and your internet connection. See all the benefits Blitz provides by being web-based.

Can I access my contacts on the go?

Of course! Blitz Mobile allows you to access all the contacts as well as continue the day to day work while you are on the go meeting new clients and booking more deals. Read More…

Can you embed a web form into my social media pages or website?

Yes! You can even embed them into a QR Code!

Who is considered a user?

A user is an employee that will have login information for Blitz. Each employee in the office will need a user as well as management to use the reporting in Blitz.

Will I have to pay for the future upgrades?

Upgrades and updates for Blitz Sales Software are always included with a current subscription. There will be no additional fee for these updates.

My data is in another application. How can I get existing data into Blitz?

Blitz provides a migration service that will update your leads in Blitz that you export from another system. This allows you to switch systems without starting over from scratch. All we need is to update the Status, Milestone, Source, and Assigned user of your previous system to get started. Interested in learning more, Click Here.
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