Using sales software to track your pipeline

You’re tracking your total closed sales, but what about your sales pipeline?  Your pipeline shows the total amount of business you tried to close in a given period of time.  For example, insurance agents track the total amount quoted, allowing them to compare...

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A User’s Guide to Blitz

  When logging into Blitz, it is important to have a plan.  Knowing what to check, what you are responsible for, and who you should be following up on is step one to creating an effective strategy for sales.  Below are some general tips and scenarios that will...

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Customizing statuses and milestones in Blitz Lead Manager

When prospecting, it’s important to track the progress of leads.  This is not only important to know where you are at with an individual lead, but also provides insight into your sales process as a whole and can even help automate and streamline your follow up....

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