Automate Sales Follow Up Activities To…





Blitz Sales Software™ Is Used For…


Sales Follow Up


Sales Follow Up


Sales Follow Up


Sales Follow Up

Blitz Sales Software™ Enables You To…


Sales Follow Up Strategy

  • Plan Sales Follow-Up Activities
  • Organize Sales Follow-Up Data
  • Segment Prospects & Customers
  • Sort and Filter Data


Sales Follow Up Plan

  • Get contacts into One System
  • Send Drip Emails
  • Automatically Schedule Reminders
  • Record History Note


Sales Follow Up Execution

  • Track Sales Opportunities
  • Track Sales Pipeline Milestones
  • Generate On/Offline Reports
  • Monitor and Coach People

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What Are Professionals Saying About Blitz?

“I was very hesitant about making the switch to Blitz from a different Lead Management System used previously in the past. After working with my account manager, I am excited to use the system when I open my Agency on March 1… I value such amazing customer service and care and can’t wait to see all the system is capable of.”

Phil Forte

Agent, The Strano-Forte Agency, Inc.

“I like how they continue to improve the software, as well as take feedback from the users. One of the customer rep is very helpful every time I speak with her, and she checks on us frequently. Great customer support for a great product.”

Kyle DeRider

Office Manager, Allstate Insurance

“Blitz allows us to maximize our time and customize our processes to make us more efficient. While this isn’t necessarily easy to set up and achieve, once you get the hang of it and with get the help of one of their customer service reps., you’ll be selling more business in no time. Alex (our account manager) is exceptional and top notch!”

Andrew Neveils

Office Manager, The Chapman Agency

Want to see Blitz in Action?

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