Sales Automation Equates To More Closed Deals

Use sales automation and marketing follow-up activities with Blitz lead management software,
so you can focus on growing your business.

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Referral Manager

Blitz enables you to:

Load Referrals

Drip email

Share Referrals

Follow-Up With Referrals

Lead Manager

Blitz enables you to:

Auto-load leads into Blitz

Auto-assign and notify reps

Auto-emails and schedule calls

Follow-Up With Leads

Client Manager

Blitz enables you to:

Cross-sell clients

Drip email

Retain clients

Follow-Up With Clients

Past Client Manager

Blitz enables you to:

Win back past clients

Send drip emails

Auto-schedule follow-up’s

Follow-Up With Past Clients

Is Blitz For You?

Blitz sales automation and lead management software is the perfect solution for a number of industries, including:

How Can You Benefit From Blitz?

“I now have way more time to spend closing deals.”

The Blitz workflows (sales automation) can be setup around any type of contact or process.  This allows scheduled follow-up’s, emails, contact assignment and notification, and more to be automatically created which allows companies to focus on growing their business.

How Blitz makes it happen

“All my follow-ups are completely automated.”

Your staff no longer has to figure out who to call and when to call.  Blitz sales automation process will create the follow-up’s for them so they know who and when to contact each day.

How Blitz makes it happen

“I can track every communication easily with all my types of clients.”

Blitz has all the information in one place.  Whether communication was automatically created from Blitz or manually entered by the user, you will be able to see all communications.

How Blitz makes it happen

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Blitz Automation Software Video

The Blitz Automation Software provides companies across many different industries to be able to automate their follow-up processes.  This video touches on thoughts from insurance, payroll, commercial cleaning and ground penetrating radar systems companies.  Some of the top features mentioned within the video include how important custom fields are within Blitz which allows businesses to […]

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