Industries That Use Blitz Sales Software

Blitz Sales Software is a versatile product that can be tailored to a companies specific need. There are many different industries that currently are utilizing Blitz as the front end of their sales pipeline and helping them follow up with their current customers. Below are just some of the current industry segments we have customers in. We believe our product is the best solution on the market for your business. Let’s show you how! Read More…

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Blitz Sales Software™ Is Used By All Types of Companies That Engage With and Organize Contacts/Customers.

Insurance Agents

Insurance Agents looking for a system to automate follow up with clients and potential clients can take full advantage of our Intelligent Workflow Automation. Blitz works for you rather than you working for the system.

Mortgage Brokers

The mortgage space can be challenging to keep track of contacts but with Blitz, you don’t have to worry about missing opportunities with contacts or following up with your current clients.

Real Estate Agents

Are you wanting to sell more houses or properties? Having a system, like Blitz, can help you reach new clients as well as keep in contact with current clients allowing you to ask for referrals.

Financial Advisors

Financial Advisors want to keep in communication with their contacts to make sure they reach their potential customers at just the right time. Blitz can help you never miss an opportunity.

Fitness Centers

Fitness centers need to stay on top of prospecting members wanting to join the gym as well as keeping current members up to date with what is going on in the facility. Blitz can help!

Cleaning Services

Stay on top of clients and even employees with Blitz. You have the ability to market as well as continually keep in touch with potential new clients.

Independent Consultants

Keep track of new consultants or people who purchase! Why not use customers to sell other products to them? Blitz can help you manage your lists better than ever!

Beauty Salon

Send appointment reminders, know what platform the client scheduled their appointment, and keep a personal log of each customer to make their experience personal.

Employment Services

Blitz allows you to follow up with candidates when a position is available and can allow you to connect those candidates with employers more effectively. 

Call Centers

Blitz is the solution to help call center employees access the right information while on the call with a potential or current customer. This can help improve the overall call experience and make it more personal.

Collection Agencies

Stay on top of your contacts and not let a contact fall through the cracks. Use intelligent automation to follow up with contacts in regards to payment.

SaaS and Technology

Blitz can help you with Lead Generation, Contact Management using our Intelligent Workflow, Sending a targeted email, and scheduling appointments for you and your staff. 

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