Referral Management In Blitz Sales CRM Software

Lead management is an organized sales process with the goal of converting a lead into a customer.  Managing leads often consists of obtaining, contacting, and nurturing leads, as well as running reports to determine the overall effectiveness of the current sales process.

Manage Referrals. Make Sales.

Referral Management within Blitz makes it simple to generate more referrals AUTOMATICALLY for your business. Referrals are one of the most overlooked areas where your business could grow. It can be difficult to decide when to ask your current customers for a referral but with Blitz, you can simplify the process and automates the process

Creating a referral process can be somewhat overwhelming but automating the process helps make it a little easier for the representatives to ask for these referrals. Blitz Sales CRM software can help you and your team build a referral process and workflow to help generate MORE referrals for your business.


Capture Referrals

Using a Blitz Webform, Blitz allows you to gather referral information and store it in a database.


Organize Referrals

Stop losing referrals by being in the wrong folder. Blitz is fully customizable so you can build your sales process and the CRM software does the work for you!

Prioritize Referrals

Referrals are more likely to become customers than other type of leads and when they become customers they’re extremely loyal.

Nurture Referrals

Some Referrals don’t convert immediately and may require follow up calls and emails. Set up personal and automated follow-ups to touch base until the prospect is ready to buy.

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