Nurture Your Contacts Using Workflow Automation

Blitz Sales CRM Software makes your life easy when nurturing your contacts. Whether by sending a scheduled email to follow up with a contact or adding an appointment on a calendar to remember to follow up with a contact. Workflow automation is like adding another staff member to your team!

Automate Your Sales Pipeline

With the Blitz Sales CRM Software, sales teams can spend less time manually sending emails or finding leads to talk to when workflow automation can set the schedule for them — and even send emails on their behalf. It’s really that simple!

Automation To Grow

Salesforce automation is proven to drive more sales by saving time and money on tedious tasks and replacing them with results.  By automating your sales follow up process, this allows your team to focus on prospects and closing sales.



Workflow can completely be customized to fit any sales or follow up process.  The key is using a combination of automatic follow up reminders and automatic emails to prospects to hit leads at the most opportune times to sell.


Set Reminders

Automatically set reminders to follow up with contacts are the right time. This process allows your team to never miss an opportunity or have contacts fall through the cracks.

Boost Performance

Easily track staff performance and sales goals that align with your team’s custom sales force automation setup using the reporting tools to coach staff and continue to improve and build an effective process

The End Of Busy Work Has Come

Sometimes busy work can suck up your staff’s day and before you know it, the end of the day comes and your staff didn’t follow up with who they would have liked to. That’s where the Blitz Intelligent Workflow Automation can help! The intelligent workflow automation can take all of that busy work that didn’t get done and automate it. From sending emails to scheduling reminder appointments to even asking for referrals, automation takes the work out of busy work and helps keep your staff busy.

Optimize Your Follow Up Points

There are different “best practices” for following up with contacts depending on your industry. Blitz’s workflow feature can help you optimize your marketing and sales efforts to make sure you are reaching the contact at the right time. The unique feature of workflow is it can be customized to your business whether you want to be aggressive with a certain group of contacts or less aggressive, with Blitz you can make adjustments to really help you retain and grow your business.

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