Generating your own leads is easy when using Blitz’s web form!

Blitz’s web form gives customers the ability to customize a questionnaire designed for gathering information. This can be used in a variety of ways to collect data and capture new contacts. Our webinar below goes into detail on different applications for opening your account to free leads.

Generate Your Own Leads with the Blitz Web Form

There is no limit to the different kinds of leads you can collect with the Blitz web form. Here is a list of a few examples to help you with generating your own leads:

  • Referrals
  • Contact Requests
  • Contest Entries
  • Quote Requests

If you can simply share your different web forms online, you open a door to the interested public to put their contact details in your hands. In the webinar video below, we focus on creating a web form specifically made to capture referrals via your email communication with your existing customers.

In addition to sharing the web form via emails or attaching it to your email signature, maybe you want to run some kind of contest or giveaway. That’s another excellent web form opportunity. Share a form for collecting contest entries! If your entry requirement is to receive a quote for your services, you’re really cooking! Get that link on social media and watch the leads come in.

Helpful Links

These links will share pages on our helpdesk with more detailed information on generating your own leads, based on the main topics covered in the webinar:

If you are interested in more Blitz webinars, you can find our current run of webinars on the webinars page on our blog. The last subject we covered was all about Taking Lists to the Next Level.