Lead Tracking Software

Blitz Lead Management Software makes lead tracking a simple process.  Consistently tracking leads improves customer interaction, resulting in more sales.  Create a more complete timeline, based on your unique sales process, and watch leads turn into sales and sales turn into long term clients.  Blitz Lead Manager’s customizable, user friendly lead tracking software ensures the highest close rates for your company.

Top 10 ways Blitz Lead Management Software helps your team with leads tracking:

auto-assign-groups  Auto Assign Groups

Setting up an auto assign group for your web leads will automatically distribute leads between users, add a follow-up appointment on the user’s schedule, and send an email to the user the lead was assigned to.  This feature will enable users to follow up with leads immediately as they arrive in Blitz, which will allow them to start tracking leads.

email2  Lead Emails

Setting up custom email templates for new leads is an important step, assuring your lead that you will be contacting them right away.  For web leads, the template can be emailed automatically as they come into Blitz.  When adding spreadsheets, emails can be sent out to the entire list once it’s uploaded.

status  Lead Status

Use the customizable lead status feature to mark your communication with each lead.  Statuses such as new, attempted contact, hot prospect, or bad number will help you organize prospects and follow up appropriately.

milestone Milestones

Use the lead milestone feature to place each lead in their correct place on your team’s custom timeline.  Example milestones include contacted, quoted, sold, and cancelled.

opportunities Opportunities

The opportunity tool tracks pending sales, which can later be marked either won or lost.  Keep track of the dollar amount generated from each of your lead sources to help reevaluate your business plan and focus on leads from higher revenue sources.

history-note  History Notes

Writing notes each time you talk to a lead will allow easy access to the lead’s history at a later time.  Documenting interaction is a key aspect of leads tracking.

quick-add (2)  Quick Add

The quick add feature adds a custom history note, updates the lead status and milestone, and adds a scheduled appointment in one click.  This tool simplifies the leads tracking process, creating more time to communicate with leads.

neglected-lead Neglected Leads

When a scheduled follow-up is not met, the lead will fall into the Neglected Leads category.  These leads are now marked as a high priority, guaranteeing you will never lose track of a lead.

reporting  Reports

Use the reporting tool to create spreadsheets containing leads details, lead log entries by date, campaign, user, or type, breakdown of lead status within a campaign, or milestones reached.  As well as lead tracking, this tool can be used to view employee activity.

exporting Exporting

Any spreadsheet within Blitz Lead Management Software can be exported into Excel with one easy click.

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