How to Use Mobile Sales Software to Your Advantage

This decade has seen major technological advancements: everything from smart home devices to drones. However, no piece of technology has become more widely used and advanced than the smartphone. As of 2016, there were over 208 million smartphones within the U.S. alone. This number is expected to rise. That’s why in a world that’s faster and more connected than ever before, sales software has evolved from traditional sales software to mobile sales software. With a convenient advantage, this technology has changed the sales game forever. Here are a few ways you can use mobile sales software to your advantage:

Instant Lead Additions

Whether you’re in outside sales or simply on-the-go, you meet many new prospects and obtain referrals. When this happens, most sales representatives simply add the prospect to their contacts within their phone or write that prospect’s name down on paper. However, this method can be problematic. That new prospect can easily be lost among all your other contacts or you may forget to follow-up. Instead, the best sales reps should use mobile sales software to add and easily organize the new prospects and referrals immediately. This prevents new leads from falling off the radar while they’re still hot.

Game Plan-Easier

Prior to the upcoming day in the field, sales representatives develop a game plan as to who they’re going to visit. With simple filtering, users of mobile sales software can sort leads by the geographic area. They may even discover hidden gems within their leads, like ones who have not been contacted in some time. Simple filtering makes field sales smarter than ever so you know who you need to target on your sales calls. Then, once you have an idea as to who you are going to visit, add the contacts right to your schedule to view on the go!

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Duplicate Work is Double Trouble

There’s nothing more tedious and frustrating than duplicate work. This is often done when you write down information on paper and then later have to enter the information again into your CRM. This is unnecessary and time-consuming. Today, a tablet or laptop can solve the problem and save you time. With mobile sales software available on a tablet or laptop, notes can be added instantly so representatives can focus on achieving even more sales.

Notifications to the Rescue!

In sales, you’re competing to be the first to speak with new leads. Take, for example, web leads. Did you know that if you contact new web leads within 5 minutes, you’re 9 times more likely to make a sale? So, when a new web lead comes into your CRM, but you’re out of the office, what are you to do? Have no fear; it’s notifications to the rescue! Sales software like Blitz can enable notifications like email or text alerts right to your phone so you’re aware of the new lead. Then, simply use your mobile device to contact the lead wherever you may be! The days of losing sales opportunities because you were out of the office are gone with modern technology.

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Remembering all the documents you need with you on sales calls can be stressful. Even worse, you know how embarrassing it is when you forget to bring a document or ask an important question while on the call. This is preventable. A viewable checklist on your mobile sales software can ensure you’ve crossed everything off. You can even upload an RFP or other documents that are associated with the customer so it’s all well-organized in one place for your sales call!

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