Opportunity Tracking for Your Sales Pipeline

Blitz Sales CRM Software offers great opportunity tracking to allow you to look across a range of criteria to determine which opportunities are producing the highest close rate so that you can change your marketing strategy to maximize your sales.

Track Opportunities. Close More Deals.

With the Blitz Sales CRM Software, sales teams can open opportunities with their contacts, track their opportunities, then mark them closed. Opportunity reports help management track dollar values of open and closed opportunities to offer more transparency to revenue generation. It’s really that simple!


Generate Opportunities

Recording opportunities is a crucial step to great sales–giving users insight on which lead sources, products, or employees generating the most sales.

Track Pipeline

Looking at your sales process in stages is useful for identifying what isn’t working and where you can improve. 

Close More Deals

Closing a deal takes patience, persistence, and great software to manage the follow-up process to help close opportunities.

Live Time Reporting

Opportunity reporting involves tracking the sales cycle and reason for a given opportunity whether the sale won or lost. 

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