Sending Email Using A CRM Software

Blitz Sales CRM Software makes your life easy when sending outbound emails. Either sending a simple email template or a personal email. Blitz time and date stamps every outgoing email when sending from the system.

Sending Emails Manually or Use Automation

With the Blitz Sales CRM Software, sales teams can manually send emails to their contacts following up with them or rely on the Blitz’s Intelligent Automation to send emails on their behalf. It’s really that simple!

Automation To Grow

Use automation to reach contacts at optimal times and keep your staff’s schedules full.


Perfect Timing

Send emails when you want to send them. Either manually or via automation to reach our contact at the right time.


Ask For Referrals

Build a referral template to send to your clients following becoming one of your customers.


Create and send newsletters to your contacts and clients to keep them informed.

Send Email Follow-Ups To Your Contacts

Do your staff members tend to forget to follow up with contacts? What about asking for referrals? Blitz helps business owners automate their staff’s work, from sending emails to scheduling reminder calls to even asking for referrals. Using intelligent automation, Blitz can keep staff’s schedules full and give business owners an opportunity to coach and mentor the team appropriately. Staff can also send email templated emails to contacts to follow up with information following an event (whether that be a call or trade show).

Review Emails Your Contacts Received In The Past In ONE Place

Blitz is a cloud-based sales CRM software. This gives you access to contact history and documentation of all your contacts at your fingertips when you need it. See emails sent to the contacts in the past and allow other employees to assist each other because they have all the current information available about any contact. By documenting notes, your team will never miss a beat!

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