Blitz Lead Management Software Processes

The Lead Management Software Processes involve the organizing and categorizing of your activities as your leads flow through your sales process. The goal of every lead management process is to change a lead from a customer to a client. Blitz Lead Manager is here to help your business simplify that process. The key to making consistent sales is to create a repeatable process. The Blitz lead management software provides a single hub for all of your sales staff to stay on task and give you insight into their activities and performance. Since Blitz is web-based, all of you need is an internet connection and a browser to start tracking and measuring your sales process.

The Lead Management Process contains 5 key steps

  1. Acquire Leads: Leads can be brought into Blitz lead management software directly from our partners, from spreadsheets, your website, mobile phone, and more.
  2. Lead Assignment: Once a lead is added the lead needs to be assigned to one of your sales staff. In Blitz, leads can be assigned by percentage.
  3. Qualify and Follow Up: The most critical step in the process is that of qualification and follow up. Qualified leads are leads that have been identified as a valid sales opportunity. Many qualified leads will still need consistent and varied follow up activities in order to close the sale. During this process it is important that the sales staff is focused on making calls, sending emails, and logging that activity.
  4. Conversion: The a lead is converted when the sale is made. Leads within Blitz Lead Manager can have a won opportunity that identifies the dollar figure of the won sale.
  5. Lead Cultivation: Not all leads will convert during your normal sales cycle. Leads that do not will need to be cultivated and nurtured until they are ready. Blitz’s scheduling features will allow you to keep track of your future contacts and tasks.

By using the Blitz lead management software you can create the repeatable process that is needed to track a lead from creation to conversion and monitor each step along the way.

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