The effectiveness of a lead management software directly reflects the usage of the system.  Users logging in daily begin to notice they are getting more done in less time, while users that don’t fully embrace the system seem to be having the same hang ups as they were always having.  As a manager or business owner, how can you coach your staff to utilize the new process (one that you are spending your hard earned money on)?


Blitz Lead Manager’s web based software has multiple tools built right in to help staff become acquainted, and to help administrators make the most out of increased access of staff activity.  This also gives immediate visibility on whether your staff is logging in and effectively using the system.  Below are the top two ways you can use Blitz to coach your staff:


Real time email notifications
This function allows for admins or users to receive updates on what others are doing in the system.  For a manager, this constant update allows for them to act on whatever just happened in a timely manner.  Possibly a sales rep made a mistake, or dealt with an angry customer.  When they add the note to the lead log in Blitz, a real time email notification will be sent to the manager with the lead details and note added.  Many will use this as an opportunity to reply to the rep with questions or feedback to help them with the situation.  This also makes staff accountable for their usage of Blitz.


To turn on email notifications about staff activity, go to the My Profile tab within your Blitz Lead Manager account.  Click the checkbox next to “Enable Lead Log Notifications.”  “Notify me about” can be left at “All New Log History Entries.”  For the status and milestone options, this allows you to only receive emails about leads in certain stages of the sales process.  For example, if you switch the milestone to “sold,” you will only receive an email when a lead’s milestone is changed to “sold.”



Lead log history report
Maybe you’re the type that already gets too many emails, and you know there is no way you are going to keep up with staff activity all day.  Lucky for you, there’s a report for that.  Find all notes for the day on one (or all) user(s) for the day, week, or whatever date range you want.  If you see something questionable or worth discussing, have a quick meeting with the sales rep to go over your thoughts and concerns.  Keep in mind – your employees will keep doing things the same way unless they are coached to do them another way.


To run this report, go to Administration > Reporting and select the “Lead Log History List” report.  To view a particular user’s notes, select their name in the “Author” dropdown.  Choose a date range and click “Generate Report.”  This can also be exported by clicking the Excel icon after the report has ran.