The president of Double A Solutions was featured in a podcast by Agency Nation.

Archie Heinl, President of Double A Solutions recently joined Joey Giangola at the digital magazine, Agency Nation, for their podcast series. In the podcast, Do You Automatically Know When and Who to Call? Heinl discusses the benefits of his product, Blitz Sales Software. He goes over how Blitz Sales Software assists insurance agents in knowing exactly when it’s the right time to call customers and potential customers.

You Don’t Have to Be Tech-Savvy to Use Technology

Many agents think they’re being tech-savvy because they use technology for some portion of their sales process. These agents assume that they’re doing the most they can because they have an Excel spreadsheet. Heinl calls this a baby step in the right direction:

“Even if you’re an office that only has a few people in it, you’re able to close more business and get more opportunities through automation.”

Automation is the Way of the Future

Automation can open up sales opportunities for your agency that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Imagine the time you can save by not having to send emails, schedule appointments on your calendar, or perform other tedious, everyday tasks. You don’t need an extensive technical background to use sales software like Blitz. That’s because sales is really about following up and closing more deals. Sales automation software simply makes the follow-up process easier.

“A lot of times people were only following up once or twice with a certain lead and not doing it in the right way. When you do get a hold of these guys and have opportunities, you need to make the most of them. The workflows within our system are going to automatically remind you they’re there and automatically do that touch at the right times.”

Listen to the Podcast Now!

The podcast aired on Agency Nation Radio on February 19. But don’t worry! You can still access the podcast here.

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Archie Heinl is the President of Double A Solutions. Double A Solutions is a software company specializing in developing secure web-based applications for businesses in any industry. Their anchor product is Blitz, a sales follow-up software that helps sales teams manage the entire life cycle of leads in real-time using online pipelines.