As the insurance industry has grown it has become increasingly complex over the last few decades, and sales tasks have become time-consuming to complete using more manual methods. With the evolution of technology, Blitz Sales Software has emerged as a strategic insurance software leader with the sales follow-up technology that your agency needs to reach more customers and close more deals. Blitz is a fully automated cloud-based system that allows you to automate sales follow-up activities when working with leads, referrals, clients and past clients. Blitz knows that technology is always growing and evolving, which is why we are committed to making sure that your agency always has strategic insurance software that helps you win more business. Blitz was designed to help staff and management save time completing day-to-day work activities by using intelligent automation. By eliminating manual work, you and your staff now have the ability to retain current customers and meet more leads so you can continue to grow your agency.

Why your agency needs Blitz’s strategic insurance software

It wasn’t that long ago, relatively speaking, that Microsoft Excel came out and changed the business and insurance worlds forever. Over the decades that followed, it became increasingly important to insurance agencies that they had an accurate way to track their leads, referrals, clients, and past clients. These days, many businesses are using customer relationship management (CRM) systems which may work for them, but they aren’t tailored to meet the unique needs of insurance agents like Blitz.

Boost your agency’s sales numbers with our easy-to-use follow up software! Blitz is reasonably priced, and is packed with the tools your company needs! Learn what pricing plan fits best with the needs of your company and get started using Blitz today!

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine that you have strategic insurance software that is built to meet the needs of your industry from the very start. Guess what? Blitz not only does that but is also one step ahead to empower your insurance agency with the tools and sales follow-up system that allows you to deliver documents and information to your colleagues and customers with ease!

Blitz is web-based which means there is nothing to install, and we take care of all the updates so you can spend time closing more deals. You can access your Blitz sales software from any device with an internet connection, and we offer guides and customer support to get you up and running fast. Blitz allows your agency to import a client’s policy information for lightning-fast sales follow-up.

Blitz provides agencies and effective strategic insurance software solution

Those working in the financial industry know that it’s essential to streamline their sales follow-up processes to become as efficient as possible. The only thing perhaps more important than saving time and money is increasing customer satisfaction. Busy agents need strategic insurance software to help them contact more customers quickly and easily. Blitz does all of that and more. Blitz sales software helps insurance agents increase performance by automating tasks and processes. This matched with tracking and reporting provides transparency throughout your customer journey. Plus, Blitz helps your insurance agency to keep up with leads and customers by allowing your staff to be on the same page when communicating with each contact.

We believe in your company, which is why we are inviting you to sign up for a free demo or request your free trial today and try Blitz for yourself. Once you have Blitz sales software a try, we are confident that you will love what you see!

We are confident that your insurance agency will find it easy-to-use our sales follow up software! Blitz is packed with the tools your business needs! Sign up today for your free trial!  You’ll love how easy it is to get started!

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