small business crm software With football season fast approaching it’s a good idea to get your own team in shape. Amp up your team’s selling power with Blitz Lead Manager. Blitz is an all-in-one web-based lead management software, providing small businesses with an easy contact management system and a powerful lead tracking tool. While other online CRM systems do an excellent job at managing contacts, Blitz ‘s sales software can take your management to the next level. With Blitz, not only does the software give you the power to manage your contacts, but it also gives you the ability to sell to those contacts. Below you’ll see 5 reasons why choosing Blitz over other CRM systems could mean a touchdown for your team. When you rely on Blitz Lead Manager, you need no other plays in your book. 1.) Blitz is Already a CRM System Using Blitz means that you have no need for ten other sales tools. Our comprehensive lead tracking software has all the same functions as a drip email system, policy management system, and an online CRM system. Since our software has so many features, choosing Blitz as your primary sales system is more affordable in the long run. 2.)  One of Blitz’s Main Focuses is Getting You New Business In addition to maintain customer relationships, Blitz can be used as an effective prospecting tool. Blitz allows you to acquire leads, assign these leads to different users, qualify the leads, and follow-up with your leads. With more marketing functions built into Blitz, it’s no wonder Blitz is hands-down better than a CRM system at getting you new business.  2.) Blitz Will Integrate with CRM Systems If you are still in love with your CRM system, there’s good news: Blitz is able to integrate with other CRM systems. Integrating your current CRM system with Blitz software means that your sales team can use Blitz’s prospecting properties to acquire new contacts and sell to those contacts. 4.)  Blitz Has Many Other Integrations Our many integrations with auto dialers and lead providers means that businesses that use Blitz have an advantage over businesses that use standalone CRM systems. Managing leads is easier because importing leads from partner lead providers is a cinch. After leads are imported, our integrations with auto dialers allow your crew to work leads immediately. 3.) Blitz’s Software is More Customizable Blitz’s software is more customizable than a CRM system when it comes to the sales process. When leads come into Blitz’s system, you’re able to assign these leads to different users in whatever fashion you like, and then as these leads are contacted, users are able to give the leads different labels, write down history on the leads, and mark when the leads have reached different milestones. Blitz also gives users to the option to set up our Workflow functionality, which can automatically send emails, schedule follow-ups, and more. 5.)  Blitz’s Software is Easier to Use Finally, Blitz contact management software is just simpler to use. Other CRM systems come with required fields that your company might not necessarily need. With Blitz, you can easily customize fields to fit your company.