Newsletter – July 2013

Happy National Ice Cream Month from Blitz Lead Manager! We have been looking forward to announcing Vocalocity as July’s partner of the month. Vocalocity provides businesses with a complete VoIP phone service. The integration between Vocalocity and Blitz Lead Manager gives businesses better contact communication tools. Read on for more information about Vocalocity, as well as news, announcements, and tips that will help you make the most out of Blitz Lead Management Software.

Partner of the Month:
Blitz Lead Manager Integration





Since 2006, Vocalocity has been the leading VoIP service provider focused on delivering premium quality business phone service to growing companies. While the basic dial tone is the core of their offering, they also develop and deliver innovative integrations and features to help agents work smarter.
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News & Announcements:
Filtering Enhancements

Blitz Lead Management Software’s filter functionality has been enhanced.  Users are now able to select multiple items in the filter dropdown boxes.  This allows for more flexibility in filtering, for example showing all leads except for “Not Interested” and “Do Not Call” leads.

Neglected Leads Update

The neglected leads list has been updated, allowing users to hide/show additional columns.  This enables users to better filter and sort through neglected leads.  To hide/show columns from the neglected leads list, simply right click on any column header.

New Appointment Feature

Blitz has added an appointment invite option to the email tab within the lead log.

Dashboard Update

The Dashboard has been enhanced to show data horizontally instead of vertically.  This gives a more accurate view of the lead data.

Lead Log Enhancements

Minor adjustments have been made to the lead log.

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Did you know…

Lead substitutions in call scripts can help you when you’re on the phone?

We at Blitz Lead Manager understand the human element to your sales process. That’s why we’ve equipped our call scripts with lead substitutions. Lead substitutions can be added to a campaign call script to populate specific information about the lead into the call script.

In what ways can I use lead substitutions?

Email notifications can be sent to your mobile device?
Email notifications in Blitz are another reason why Blitz stands out from other lead managers. With Blitz lead management software you can elect to receive a notification on any change in your system. Blitz will send you the notification in an email, keeping you updated on activities within the sales system.

Where can I find out more about email notifications?

The lead log history report lets you see what your staff fills in for leads?
The report lets you view the history notes that your staff is entering for leads. Rather than having constant email updates about your employee’s activities, you can see history details all on one, organized page.

How can I utilize the lead log history report to my advantage? 

Blitz’s workflow functionality has insurance agents in mind?
The workflow functionality in Blitz’s contact management software helps agencies target specific leads at critical times. Blitz small business contact management software updates x-dates directly in the system, meaning agents’ monthly x-date spreadsheets are a thing of the past.

Where can I learn more?

Blitz’s user activity report allows you to track your staff’s activities?
The user activity report in particular gives managers the ability to monitor all staff activity. Since every action in Blitz is recorded, managers truly have a bird’s eye view of how their staff is using the system

How can I use the user activity report to track my staff?

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