lead tracking tool

Photo: Graeme Main/MOD

Have you ever had a hand in poker that was almost unreal? You notice that you finally have the elusive royal flush in your grasp and you do everything you can to compose your poker face. Blitz Contact Manager is sort of like the royal flush, but without the need to conceal your hand. Our all-in-one, comprehensive contact management system has everything your company needs to improve your lead tracking. Blitz’s internet-based software even includes features similar to those in a policy management system, making your need for another software nonexistent. Why substitute a straight for a straight flush? Blitz has all the cards, so to speak. Below are 7 reasons why Blitz sales software trumps other policy management systems in every game:

1.)  Blitz Get You New Business

One of the biggest differences between Blitz’s contact management system and policy management systems is that Blitz’s main focus is on lead tracking and contact management. While a policy management system may help you maintain leads, Blitz’s top priority is helping you manage leads and sell to those leads. Our integration with VoIP providers helps our clients speed through their lead lists by automatically pulling an incoming caller’s information from our database. There’s intelligence in Blitz software. Not only does the software help maintain leads, but it also keeps track of important information, such as a lead’s contract date, and brings it to your attention so you never miss an opportunity.

2.)  Blitz Integrates Seamlessly with Other Systems.

Our software is so versatile it can be used like a policy management system and a small business crm system. But because Blitz Lead Manager is dedicated to improving your lead tracking process in any way we can, Blitz is able to merge seamlessly with other software, including policy management systems. For example, when a lead is marked as sold in Blitz, Blitz can automatically send leads to a policy management system as an alternative solution to maintaining leads.

3.)  Blitz Can Import Leads from Anywhere

With Blitz, users can import leads from virtually anywhere! Does your business use spreadsheets or Internet lead providers? Unlike a policy management system, you can quickly and easily import your leads into Blitz’s web-based software.

4.)  Using Blitz Sales Software is Easier

Blitz’s layout is intuitive because there are fewer fields to manage and you can see all the vital information for each contact (such as name, address, phone number, and email address). You can rely on this information as a resource since it’s easy to locate within Blitz’s system. With Blitz, you don’t have to worry about having duplicate leads either, since they’re automatically identified. Blitz will call them to your attention so you can delete the excess contacts and more accurately maintain your lead lists.

5.)  Blitz is the Master of Following-up with Leads

Blitz contact manager has special follow-up processes that policy management systems lack. The Workflow functionality within Blitz can automatically schedule follow-ups so you never miss an opportunity! For example, even if you’ve missed your chance to contact a lead, Blitz will set up a follow-up date and send you an email reminder when that date is getting close, making sure you never lose sight of a lead.

6.)  Blitz Gives You more Chances to Market to your leads

Blitz Lead Management gives you the ability to send emails to leads, schedule follow-ups, and in some cases, requote, all automatically. With Blitz, users have more chances to get in front of the customer any way they can.

7.)  Blitz is Customizable

A policy management system has limited customizations while customization in Blitz is virtually unlimited, giving you complete control over your lead tracking and follow-up procedures. You get to decide what information appears with contacts, which users can work with which contacts, and much more.