You only have so much time in a day, use it wisely. You’re not blindfolded, spun around several times, handed a tail and told to pin it on the donkey. Do a little research and create the profile of your ideal prospect. Once your target market is identified, prospecting for leads becomes second nature. Lead prospecting is easy with the right prospecting software.

Prospecting leads by making calls or going to trade shows is fairly simple, you just have to physically make yourself go somewhere and talk to people. The difficult part is generating interest, lead tracking, and closing that sale when interest is peaked. Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software allows you to acquire leads, assign those leads, qualify them and follow up with those that qualify, save all notes and history for every lead, convert leads into sales, and cultivate the remainders via lead nurturing. You reap what you sow and tracking leads with Blitz means you’ll never forget to water a seed.

Use Blitz as a lead tracker and for lead nurturing.