simple contact management system

Blitz Lead Manager excels in its field because it’s the total package: lead tracker, contact manager, and small business crm software. Our clients appreciate that when they log into our web-based system, they have all the sales tools they need to contact and maintain their lead lists—no 10 other applications, extensive training, or multiple logins required. That’s why there really is no comparison between Blitz contact management software and other drip email systems. But just in case you don’t believe us, we’ll provide you with 7 more reasons why Blitz Lead Manager covers your business from every angle:

1.) Blitz’s Workflow Functionality

With drip email systems, you run the risk of blasting your leads with irrelevant emails. Blitz has a special function that keeps this from happening. The Workflow functionality within Blitz provides our system with intelligence. Blitz can look at a lead’s status, milestones, tags, and more to determine which email template to send. Not only that, but Workflow sets up a plan for sending out different email templates. For example, say you’ve configured your software to send an email if your new lead has been in the system for 3 days. After 7 days, if a lead still hasn’t been contacted, you can configure Blitz to automatically send out a different email. Workflow will check a lead’s status for any changes. If you’ve updated a lead’s status past new contact, the lead will fall out of the initial Workflow into the next stage.

2.) The drip email can already be automated with no additional user activity.

Perhaps one of the most obvious benefits of Workflow is that everything can be automatic! It can trigger which emails to send, schedule follow ups with leads, and increment contract dates–all at the right times.

3.) Blitz can filter through leads to determine which action to take

Since Blitz software is so intelligent, it should be no surprise that leads are automatically filtered by their campaign, status, milestones, and whether or not they have a contract date. There’s no need for you to keep additional tabs on your leads. Blitz’s Workflow functionality will read the data and automatically complete actions (like sending emails and scheduling follow ups) based on your preferences. So, for example, if you’d like to send an email to leads whose contract dates have passed, Workflow can read the data of each lead in your system, check each lead to see whether his or her contract date has passed yet, and send an email. Because Workflow automates these kind of actions so you can relax and know that the task will get done.

4.) Blitz has follow up system for all users to access and use

In addition to having a plan for sending emails, Blitz also has complete plans for getting in touch with contacts again. Follow-ups can be automatically scheduled by Workflow so you never miss an opportunity! For example, even if you’ve missed your chance to contact a lead, Blitz will set up a follow-up date and send you an email reminder when that date is getting close, giving you a second chance to work that lead.

5.) Easier to manage your database

Since Blitz is an all-in-one product, you get to manage everything, from contacts to your drip email campaign, all in one place. There’s no chance of losing exported data files since everything is contained and organized in Blitz’s system.

6.) No need to export data into files

With Blitz, exporting your data into files is unnecessary. Blitz stores all data in its easy-to-access web-based system—all you need to remember is your username and password.

7.) No need for an additional system

Finally, Blitz has full lead tracking and email capabilities. You don’t need a zillion different systems to get the job done right. Blitz helps you do both lead management and drip email campaigns, all in one place. With Blitz, everything works together, making your lead tracking simpler.