Do you want to keep tabs on your employees or leads, but don’t want to get email notifications? Or are you looking for a way to view detailed activity within Blitz Sales Follow-Up Software all on one page? The Lead Log History List report gives you the ability to filter all history notes and pull a detailed list of activity in your Blitz account. You can filter by campaign, author, log type, and date range to make employee and lead tracking simple.


This tool is especially useful for keeping on top of employees and making sure they are doing what you want them to do. You could get a list of all the notes written by one user during a specified period of time to quickly get an idea of what their conversations are like with leads or customers. This could be filtered by any log type, such as emails sent, phone calls made, etc. For example, you could filter by log type to see how many merged duplicates or quick assigns users have been doing to make sure no leads are being distributed in a dishonest manner. Once the list is pulled up, the lead’s details is shown next to the notes giving you the ability to go into that lead’s log to investigate any interesting or suspicious notes on the report.


Administrative documents are compiled easily using this Blitz report. For example, you could run this report to check all the web form or web leads that have been added within a given period of time, and who they were assigned to. A report could be ran to view all of the meeting notes for the week, or workflow emails sent out. You could even create your own lead log types to track any activity that you want.

The lead log history list report can also be used to get a list of leads who unsubscribed to your emails, marked an email as spam, or didn’t receive the email due to a bad email address. Simply select the log type before generating the report. You may then want to follow up with leads with bad email addresses to get their correct one in the Blitz lead tracking system.

Once the report has been ran, you can right click on the column headers to sort by a specific column or to show/hide columns. This list can be exported to either an Excel or CSV file by clicking the icons. A CSV file is used to get a text only version, used especially for exporting complicated emails with pictures and tables.

The lead log history list report is one of many available reports in Blitz that help you organize your business and save time and money. For more information or to set up a free training session or web demo, call Blitz Support at (419)841-8800 or email support@blitzleadmanager.com.