A feature you will not find in a spreadsheet or some other lead management software programs is the ability to track what your employees are doing.  Every action in Blitz is recorded, and with a little knowledge, you can use this information to stay on top of your office like never before.  Blitz is set up so that you can monitor whether users are following up with leads and using the system correctly, making them completely accountable for anything they do (or don’t do).

When working leads in Blitz, users should be adding history entries and reaching milestones as leads are moving through the sales process.  These two actions can be checked using the Reporting tool (Administration tab).  A history note needs to be added for every type of contact the user has with the lead, whether it be phone, email, message, or meeting.  If history entries are not being written, the staff member is either not using the system properly or is not using it at all.  If you notice that milestones are not being reached for a particular employee, they may not be following your office sales plan, or, again, may not be using the system properly or at all.

To check history note and milestone activity, simply click the User Activity report, and choose a user and a start and end date.  Many employers choose to do this monthly so they can gauge growth to aid assessments.  Reports can also be run to check the last time users have logged into the system, and to list all users, both active and inactive.  All reports can be exported to Excel by clicking the Excel icon; this is helpful to keep monthly or yearly records.

If you are more of a visual person, the Dashboard tool might be for you.  Within the Dashboard, you can check how many leads are assigned to each user, amount and type of history notes added by users, number of opportunities won by each user, and dollar amount each user is bringing in.  This data is in the form of a bar graph so you can quickly detect any problem areas within your staff.

Employers also must be aware of users’ follow-ups and neglected leads.  On the My Blitz homepage, the number of neglected leads is listed by user for quick access.  If employees are following up with all appointments and adding history notes, they should not have any neglected leads.  You will also want to be sure that users are scheduling follow-up appointments for every lead (they can’t be a neglected lead if there was never an appointment!).  This can be done by viewing All Campaigns in the lead list, filtering by user, and checking in the Next Appointment column.

An important aspect to consider outside of Blitz is making sure your office is all on the same page in terms of when leads should be marked as each status and milestone.  If these are not being updated consistently within your office, the reports could be somewhat inaccurate.  Have an office meeting and discuss your sales process, and consider customizing statuses and milestones in Blitz to fit your needs.