Half the battle is getting a person to sign up for your service, so it would be a shame to have the new customer turn around and cancel, right?  Creating an efficient follow up process and task schedule for new business is key to retaining customers, especially when they might be shopping around.  Read on for some tips to streamline this process:


Continue the follow up
The follow up process should not end once the sale is made.  Even if the customer is passed to a different employee, someone should be continuing the follow up.  Even if it is a simple “Thank you” email or letter, or a follow up call to check in a month later, every contact makes a difference.  The customer will know that you value their business, and if your product and pricing is comparable to other competitors, this will make you stand out.


Referral programs and incentives
Creating a referral or incentive program kills two birds with one stone.  You are bringing in more quality leads, and at the same time your customers are happy to receive a discount or other offer in return.


Stay organized
How impressed would you be to call in for support and the rep instantly remembers your name and situation?  This makes a customer feel important and valued.  By keeping detailed notes in a lead management system, you are able to easily see your last correspondence with the person.  You can even take it to the next level by incorporation VOIP, which would automatically open their information on your screen when they call in.


Be timely
There is nothing worse than having an issue and not being able to reach a support person.  Be available, or have a staff member that is available, and settle any disputes in a timely manner.  If your quick responses end when the sale is made, you will lose the customer’s trust.