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Blitz Sales Software™ Enables You To Execute Sales Follow-Up Activities With Groups or Individual Leads, Clients, and Past Clients by:

Import/Assign Contacts


Automate Sales Follow-Up

execute sales

Execute Sales Follow-Up

Make Phone Calls


Use Smartphone

quoting system

Use Quoting Systems

Link Other Systems

Import and Assign Contacts

  1. Getting Leads, Referrals, Clients, and Past Clients Into One System and Assigning Them For Sales Follow-Up… Read More
  2. Migrate existing leads, referrals, clients, and past clients from other systems, spreadsheets, and Files… Read More
  3. Automatically Import
    • The Internet leads into Blitz, Assign them for sales follow-up and send notifications to sales people
    • Web forms from referral partners, website visitors, social media posts, and custom web forms
    • Quoting vendor leads
  4. Import spreadsheet lists from lead vendors, referral partners, purchased lists, past quotes, and other lists
  5. Automatically transfer referrals between referral partners that are using the Blitz Sales Software™ Referral Portal… Read More
  6. Manually enter individual leads

Blitz Sales Software™ enables you to automatically send emails and schedule calendar reminders for:

  1. Leads and referrals, for:
    • First Contact
    • Continuous Appointment Setting
    • Welcoming New Customers
  2. Clients, for:
    • Incrementing contract expiration dates
    • Contract/Policy renewal notices
    • Contract/Policy reviews
    • Cross-Selling
    • Referral requests
    • Testimonial requests
  3. Past Clients, for:
    • Incrementing contract expiration dates
    • Event reminders
    • Win-backs

Execute Daily Sales Follow-Up Activities With Individual Leads, Referrals, Clients, and Past Clients

  1. Review neglected leads, referrals, clients, and past clients every day
  2. Use the Blitz Sales Follow-Up Calendar™ to schedule sales call reminders, sales appointments, and tasks… Read More
  3. Help your salespeople save time by using one-click Blitz Quick Adds™ to automatically record history notes, schedule reminders, and send emails
  4. Send individual emails to buyers that are automatically recorded
  5. View sales call and appointment setting scripts
  6. Provide sales people with lists of the right questions to ask buyers

Make Individual Phone Calls and Auto-Dail Groups of Buyers From Within Blitz Sales Software™

  1. Use VoIP systems within Blitz Sales Software™ to:
    • Automatically dial hot leads i.e. hot lead dial
    • Click-to-Call individual or lists of buyers
    • Make calls with “local area presence” phone numbers
    • Screen pop contact information onto your computer screen with buyers call in
  2. Use Auto-dialers within Blitz Sales Software™ to automatically dial lists of leads, referrals, clients, and past clients for sales follow-up

Execute Daily Sales Follow-Up activies with Buyers

Using Your Smartphone To Access Contacts, Take History Notes, and View Your Calendar for Sales Follow-Up

  1. Making calls from your mobile phone by simply clicking the contacts phone number in the Blitz Mobile App
  2. Record History notes on the go
  3. Access you Blitz Sales Follow-Up Calendar™… Read More
  4. View and Update contact information from your device

Use Quoting System

  1. Automatically import internet leads from quoting vendors
  2. Receive quoted leads within fifteen minutes
  3. Trigger re-quoting of existing leads and clients
  4. Exports lists of buyers for re-quoting
  1. Using API’s to share information between sales, marketing, and other systems.
  2. Use our Zapier connection to streamline the process