Insurance office management software from Blitz can take your sales to a whole new level.

Does your insurance agency use paper files or spreadsheets to manage client information? If that sounds all too familiar, you need to learn why we believe Blitz is the best insurance office management software out there for your agency.

Save Time

Blitz’s insurance office management software helps administrators at your agency access leads, referrals, clients, and past clients from one common database. Furthermore, Blitz’s sales follow-up software allows you to create folders to segment your contacts. You can use these folders to execute highly targeted marketing campaigns, sales follow-up emails, and call campaigns. Plus, Blitz generates reports to help you better determine the next steps for your follow-up activities.

Blitz insurance office management software’s users find that Blitz has helped them increase revenue. The system automatically notifies team members notified when leads are assigned to them. Likewise, Blitz will send reminders to employees’ calendars when they schedule sales follow-up calls. Blitz automatically records emails as well. And with one-click Blitz Quick Adds, you can automatically record history notes, schedule reminders and send emails. As a result, you save time by eliminating manual work for your staff.

Meet More Buyers

Start putting more leads into your sales funnel by automatically sending emails to buyers at first contact. You can also schedule or remind them of upcoming appointments, as well as welcome them once they become paying customers. For existing clients, our insurance office management software allows you to remind them of renewal dates, policy reviews, increase cross-selling, request referrals, and request customer testimonials. Additionally, you can try to win-back previous customers.

Employees at your insurance agency also benefit by using the VoIP systems within Blitz. With Blitz, you can automatically dial hot leads, click-to-call individuals or lists of buyers, and make calls with a local area presence phone number. When buyers call in, you will be notified with a pop-up that has all of their contact information available.

lead-managerlead-managerDo you want to generate more leads and close more deals? Blitz helps you to nurture relationships and win more customers with automated sales follow up! Schedule a free demo and we’ll show you how our software can increase efficiency and improve sales at your company!

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Close More Deals

Blitz empowers your agency to monitor groups of sales leads, referrals, and current and past clients. This allows the system to automatically quote and requote leads. Your agency can close more business deals because of Blitz’s automation. Our insurance office management software also provides you with unmatched visibility of your neglected contacts and those that are most likely to purchase. Start increasing your sales opportunities with Blitz Sales Software.

Free Trial Available

Contact us today and start your free trial to get started with Blitz and see why so many of our customers would never use another system. Blitz can save your agency time, allow you to meet more buyers, and help you to close more deals. Contact us today at 888-470-0606 to get started!

lead-managerlead-managerUse Blitz to boost your sales and marketing efforts with our easy-to-use software! Blitz is reasonably priced, and is packed with the tools your company needs most! Contact us today to schedule a free demo and we’ll discuss with you how easy it is to get started!

What do you like best about Blitz insurance office management software? If you are considering Blitz, what questions do you have for our team? Please let us know by commenting below!