It takes time to close a deal sometimes.  Here are some tips to make your sales lead follow up more effective.

Lead nurturing can take time.  Depending on your industry and target consumer, sometimes the sales cycles it can be weeks, other times it can take years.  However, your sales team should never lose sight of the bigger picture. Here are some sales lead follow up tips that really work.

Educate your sales team on the sales cycle
Sales reps might sometime underestimate the time and effort that it may take to close a sale.  If you are a leader at your organization, ensure that they have the capability of pulling the data they need so they can properly track their leads through the sales cycle.  Educate them on not only what the data is, but what is means and how to interpret reports.

Establish lead follow up best practices
Developing best practice guidelines for your sales team to follow will help them manage how lead hand offs should be handled more effectively.  Once the best practices have been established and your team educated on what those expectations are, remind them on a weekly basis where things stand and how they are doing that week.  If your employee needs help with the sales lead follow up process, provide them guidance, tools, and resources to help them improve.

Master your customer database
As a manager, your sales staff will come to you because they need additional information or guidance on how to handle a certain situation or how to close a sale. The best way that you can help your team improve their sales lead follow up process is to empower them with the knowledge they need so they can win the account.  Know your customers inside and out and then freely share that information with your team when appropriate so they can do their jobs more effectively.

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sales lead follow up


Categorize your leads into the three “buckets”
Not even the best sales rep can possibly contact all of their leads each month.  One way to make sure you are using your time wisely is to categorize your sales leads into the three common buckets of hot, warm, and cold.  Hot leads are those that are highly motivated and are ready to buy now.  Warm leads are those who have expressed strong interest but need some lead nurturing before they are ready to close the deal.  Cold leads are those who have dropped off, or no longer plan to buy.

Provide a sales commission for your staff
At the end of the day, let’s be honest, your sales team works for you because the need to make money.  So use what motivates them to encourage them to be more productive.  Provide your sales team a reasonable commission for every sale that they close.

sales lead follow up

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What has your business done to increase the effectiveness of your sales lead follow up process? What best practices does your sales team have in place that have really worked? Share your thoughts below!