Use These Insurance Drip Email Templates to Close More Deals

When prospects flow into your business, you don’t want missed opportunities to close even more deals because you and your staff were too busy to follow-up or email. That’s why agencies of all sizes send automated drip emails and ensure all leads are being touched. Drip emails are a great idea but are easier said than done because you need to craft them. Where do you begin? We’re here to help! Save some time today and utilize some of these sample insurance drip email templates for a variety of situations:

Drip Email for the Days Following an Issued Quote

When you have multiple quotes going out every day, unforeseen tasks come up in the days following issued quotes. The result is that recently quoted prospects go neglected. A drip email can solve this issue. Here’s a simple one that you can send to quoted prospects. Keep this email brief but include something you both discussed (other than business) to reestablish the connection:

Subject: Your Competitive Quote

Hi [First Name],

It was nice to meet you the other day and talk about [state something you discussed together with the prospect like a common interest, hobby, or sports game] and your coverage needs!

I am just emailing you to check on the quote. Are you ready to discuss the next steps?

Let me know if you have any questions!

Looking forward to hearing from you and thank you for considering [agency name] as your trusted insurance provider.

Best Regards,


Past Client Win Back Drip Email

In this drip email, you want to be as warm as possible. This client may have left for a variety of reasons so remind them that you valued their business. Give them the option to call you directly or provide their information in a ‘contact me’ link that drops into your sales software. That way you can have their updated information to requote instantly:

Subject: You’re Always Valued, [Contact First Name]

Hi [First Name],

Thank you for being a valued customer from [include the dates they were your customer].

A lot has changed since you were last with us but what hasn’t is our commitment to providing you complete insurance coverage and exceptional service.

I invite you to see for yourself with a free, no-obligation, competitive quote.

Click here to get your free quote or give me a call at [your phone number] to learn more and see the difference for yourself.



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The Left Voicemail Drip Email

This one should be short and sweet. Include the first name of the prospect in the subject line because it is 22% more likely to be opened. Also, mention that you will try to call them later in the week again. Many times a prospect will read this and respond back with an update from your conversation or a better day for you to reconnect.

Subject: Called You Earlier, [Contact First Name]

Hi [Contact First Name],

I left you a voicemail earlier in regards to our past conversation.

Feel free to give me a call or reply to this email. Alternatively, I’ll try to reach you again later this week.

Looking forward to speaking again soon!

Best Regards,


Drip Email to Ask for a Referral

We all know that referrals are essential for business growth. That’s why you need to constantly seek them out! Keep your eye on customers who compliment your business or have been with you for years. Once you have the right referral candidate, use this as an opportunity to ask. You can gather even more referrals when you offer incentives like a gift card for each referral you are given. Have customers fill out the ‘contact me’ link in your email and watch the referrals pour in!

Subject: Free [your promo item offer] for a Referral!

Hi [Contact Name]

Thank you for being a valued customer. It’s a privilege to have your trust and serve you for all your service needs.

Since you are a loyal customer, I want to offer you a free [promo item offer] for each friend, neighbor or coworker you refer. A referral is the greatest compliment of my business you could provide!

Simply click here to submit your referral and I’ll send you your free [promo item offer]!



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