The right sales team software can jump-start any business.

Congratulations on deciding to invest in sales team software.  Tracking prospect information can help your staff to determine your customers’ needs so they can sell better, sell more, and sell more often.  As time goes by, it is not unusual to experience some unexpected obstacles in getting your department to use the software you have selected.  But don’t let your money and the time you have invested go to waste.  Here are some tactical tips to get your department to use sales team software successfully.

Meet with your department to determine ‘must haves’ and ‘nice to haves.’ 
When selecting sales team software for your business it is essential to determine what functionality pieces are necessary from sales, marketing, and IT perspective. Survey your staff and get their opinions down on paper so you can craft a list of what the software must do, and what would nice if it could do.  This will assist you in determining which software packages will best meet your needs, so can make a smart choice that works best to meet your company’s needs.

Set-up trials with different sales team software options.
Instead of selecting sales team software and dictating to your staff that it’s their only option, make your team part of the selection process. Create a way for your sales reps to also provide their feedback so you can track preference and what your team likes and does not like about each software solution. Their feedback will help you to create effective training for your department once the ales team software you choose is selected.

Make learning the sales team software part of the training process.
Do not fear if your sales reps express to you that learning sales team software is an obstacle or a time-sink that is taking away from their ability to meet with monthly targets.  Consider the needs and time it will take to train them on the latest updates to your software. Make updates and set-up training deadline during part of the month or quarter that would work best for your employee’s busy work schedules. Think about their needs and workloads from day one.

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Sales Team Software

Create views and dashboard to make data-viewing easy.
Work with your department to create views by territory or industry vertical to make getting started in learning your company’s sales team software quick for your staff.  It is important if you want your team to feel comfortable using it to have something more than an empty shell with no data. Work with stakeholders at your organization to be sure that your team members have at least a baseline level view of the organization to assist them in getting familiar with the software at their own pace.

Provide follow-up assistance and incentives.
All employees appreciate having a platform to let their voices be heard.  Set-up a way to collect feedback from your department to gauge their pain points in using the software.  This will allow you to track opinion on what’s working – and what’s not with ease.  Sales reps want to be able find express their concerns before it snowballs into a much larger problem.  If you can avoid those molehills during into mountains, it will go a long way in encouraging adoption of your sales team software.

Sales Team Software

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Sales team software can improve knowledge sharing, open the doors to communication at all levels of the organization.  What has been your experience using sales team software? We would love to hear from you!