Is your sales team motivated enough to generate results?

People are only driven when they are motivated, and in a profession like sales, motivation can be the key to generating lots of revenue for the company. So, no matter whether you’ve been in sales for one year or 10, all salespeople need the motivation to achieve their goals. In addition to commission and base salary, here are 6 tips for motivating your sales team to generate strong revenues:

1. Company Mission and Vision

Often, when the going gets tough, your salespeople may need a jolt of intrinsic motivation to boost morale and persist. Your company’s mission and vision should never be overlooked. All companies have a mission and vision, but how often are your salespeople referring to this? Reinforcing the company mission and vision from time to time enables your employees to understand why they believe in your company and sell your company’s products or services.

2. Sales Contest

Create some friendly competition within your sales team with a sales contest. Track the contest daily by displaying a board in the office for all to see the progress. Set a designated prize such as a vacation or a physical item as the reward for winning. Whatever the prize, make sure it’s something that everyone will be motivated to strive for so that everyone on the team will give maximum effort.

3. Flexibility

Offer flexibility, such as the opportunity to work from home. This can be one of the best practices to use when motivating your sales team. For example, you can give employees more flexibility by allowing them to come into the office early and leave early. This flexibility not only enables your salespeople to perform at their best, but also increases the company’s revenue and morale. Additionally, this can be a good way for management to establish trust with members of the sales team.

4. Recognition

When you recognize a salesperson’s excellent work, you show him or her that hard work and results do not go unnoticed because you care. Recognize your sales standout with a tangible award like a plaque or trophy. Even by simply telling your salespeople what a great job they’re doing when it’s deserved confirms they are appreciated. Recognition from management can motivate other salespeople who crave to be in the spotlight with their fellow distinguished colleagues.

5. Team Building

Build work relationships and trust with a teambuilding exercise from time to time. By doing this, you enable the sales team to feel comfortable communicating with one another and working together to achieve a common objective. The exercises also reinforce that even though everyone has their own sales goals to meet when everyone works as a team to help one another, everyone can reach their goals. Overall, these exercises can be beneficial for boosting morale and, consequently, motivating your sales team.

6. Useful Tools

Sometimes when salespeople lack the right tools and resources, they lack motivation. Put the correct tools in place, and watch your salespeople work more efficiently and with less work-related stress. As a bonus, they’ll be able to execute sales more easily than before. Providing your team with tools that automate sales processes can further increase productivity. Software tools such as Blitz Sales Software allow salespeople to save time and close more deals. Provide the necessary tools and your salespeople will excel with improved focus and motivation.

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Which of these tips will you be using to motive your salespeople? You can’t go wrong with any, as long as you make the effort to build a winning team. Try these tips and watch your salespeople excel!