When marketing call centers, a common issue is the inability to track and measure the results of your campaigns.

Advertising is only meaningful when it can achieve measurable and quantifiable results.  One common issue is that call centers can be overwhelmed by the need of the data gathering needed for viable marketing campaigns.  That task is made even more complex when the call center staff may not understand the purpose of method behind the campaign.  Phone-based sales departments such as call centers can struggle to craft marketing campaigns that connect the dots and achieve results. But marketing call centers does not have to be a chore.  Here are some suggestions that can help you build campaigns that work.

Leverage data to drive measurable results and get a fuller picture of your target audience.
To properly execute a marketing campaign, it is important to plan ahead and know how you plan to connect your traditional marketing channels (in-person and online events, public relations, direct mail, radio and television spots, and outdoor advertising) and online marketing channels (websites, landing pages, email, social media, and mobile marketing) into one cohesive unit. A traditional marketing piece could use unique phone number or webpage link that is only used there. Then all calls or website traffic to that spot could be used to measure the results.

Campaigns would provide your target audience the motivation they need to fulfill your call-to-action.  But how do you know how to incentivize them to take action?  That’s where the need for solid data comes into the picture. Standing out from the competitors means knowing what will make your call center stand out from your competitors.  This will allow your message to be heard and retained, instead of being white noise that ends up being ignored.

What are your audience’s top pain points and how can marketing call centers like yours help solve that problem?  Knowing this information will help to move your lead down the sales funnel and drive the lead conversation you need. But you also need allow your call center campaign to drive insights based on goals your marketing team sets, as often times those insights are lost once call center agents become involved.

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Use call reporting and always record calls.
Marketing call centers can be tough sometimes due to the need to understand the impact of your campaign, but training call center agents can be a challenge.  You should still consider requiring that they ask questions that will bring the marketing insights that your advertising team needs to increase your business.  Those questions could hold the key to getting the marketing insights that you need, making call reporting and recording essential.

Such functionality will provide the historical reporting that will help your team when marketing call centers effectively. Your advertising team knows what information they are looking for, and providing them a way to retrieve that information is invaluable.

Implement call center software to analyze your marketing data.
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marketing call centers

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