Get more effective pipeline management to increase your selling rate.

By definition, a sales pipeline is the process that takes your prospects from the first point of contact until they become a paying customer. Sometimes that selling process takes longer than expected. So wouldn’t it be great it be great to have more effective pipeline management to help your sales team generate more business?  If this an area that your sales team struggles in from time to time, these tips can help.

Remember that accurate sales forecasting matters.
If you think that sales forecasting is a waste of time you are not alone.  Many individuals who sell products or services feel the same way. However, believe it or not, sales forecasting is actually an essential part of effective pipeline management. The sales forecasting process helps you to see all the challenging and possibilities you face when attempting to manage your leads. Only with precise sales forecasting will you be able to work those leads that are most likely to close, instead of just guessing.

Keep your sales leads moving down your pipeline.
After talking to a lead, remember to always schedule the next meeting in advance. Failure to remain engaged with your prospects can result in them not moving down your sales funnel. So take the time to remain organized and develop each and every lead until they become a paying customer.

Don’t spend too much time on administration tasks.
Managing your team is important, but that doesn’t mean you should be spending all your time on administration tasks in your customer relationship management (CRM) system.  Let’s face it, the administration tasks in managing your sales pipeline can be a big time sink. You and your team need to spend your energy on effective pipeline management to speed up productivity.

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effective pipeline management

It’s important that you understand that not all customers are the same.
Undoubtedly, not all customers are equal to each other for several factors, including the sales revenue that each can generate.  Each customer is different and it is essential for anyone trying to implement more effective pipeline management tactics to recognize what each customer needs and to provide the information and resources they require to get their own jobs done. Not everyone is the same, so don’t treat them all the same.

Identify the decision makers.
Sometimes, your first point of contact at an organization isn’t the one you need to convince to close the deal and win more business. Moving the sales forward depends on being able to convince the decision maker, whoever he or she may be. Ask questions up front to your leads and identify who all of the players are in the decision making process, and make sure you understand everyone who will play a part in making the final purchasing decision.

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