Newsletter – October 2013

Merry Christmas from Blitz Contact Manager! We’re excited to announce Hometown Quotes as December’s partner of the month. Hometown Quotes generates the highest quality insurance leads for its agents. The integration between Blitz Lead Manager and the Hometown Quotes means that agents’ lead tracking abilities are accelerated because of Blitz’s automated features and Hometown Quotes’ quality lead generation. Below you’ll find additional information about Hometown Quotes, as well as news, announcements, and tips to improve your use of Blitz’s Web-Based Contact Management Software.

Partner of the Month:

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Founded by former insurance agents, Hometown Quotes is the ultimate marketing solution for today’s insurance professional. They maintain their founding standards as they continue to service the industry’s top insurance agents nationwide. Hometown Quotes’ mission remains providing their agents with the best experience in the industry.
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News & Announcements:


Blitz Contact Management Software Enhances its Real-Time Notifications

With real-time notifications in Blitz Web-based Contact Management Software, sales representatives are the first to know when new leads enter the system.

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Did you know…


Users can use BlitzTV to familiarize themselves with the software?
Among all of our resources, including Blitz Blog and live training sessionsBlitz TV is the best resource for visual learners. Consider it our personal YouTube channel, without the annoying commercials. On BlitzTV, you’ll find a number of how-to videos that cover nearly every facet of Blitz software.


What else can I learn from BlitzTV?


Blitz makes assigning leads to users simple?

If you’re an administrator in Blitz sales software, assigning leads to other users is a key component to managing your sales team. Assigning leads to users in Blitz is a simple and flexible process. Blitz allows you to perform this function in whichever way best suits your company.


How can I assign leads?


Redistributing leads within Blitz can also be a simple process?
As an administrator, once you’ve mastered assigning leads to your users, the next step is learning how to reassign leads. Reassigning leads is essential to proper lead management. When you reassign leads, you ensure that leads aren’t neglected or left to slip through the cracks.


Where can I learn more about redistributing leads within Blitz?


You can use your auto dialer right from Blitz?
Users can enjoy the convenience of autodialing from within their Blitz contact manager software. Blitz is integrated with several auto dialers to ensure that its customers receive the best of both services. Users can update leads within Blitz, schedule appointments, leave voicemails, and continue onto the next call all from the same page.


What are the other perks of using your auto dialer in Blitz?

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