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November is the season of Thanksgiving; the time when we give extra thanks for our families, friends, and health. With the national unemployment rate at a high of 7.3%, most of us are lucky to have a way to provide for our families and ourselves (Washingtonpost.com). For some of us, our jobs’ perks give us even more reason to be thankful. In addition to relative stability, a sales representative job comes with a whole list of added bonuses. Below you’ll find 5 reasons to be thankful this season that you’re in sales:


1. Relative job stability:


Sales are fundamental to a business’ success. Without sales, there is no business. If you’re a salesperson who delivers consistent results, you’re less likely to be laid off.


2. It’s fun


A career in sales can be fun. The constant variations in your day-to-day tasks keep the job interesting. And with the flexibility and mobility that’s involved in sales positions, it’s no wonder that most salespeople feel content with their work.


3. It’s rewarding


Although challenging, a position in sales always offers opportunities for tackling new challenges. Setting and meeting your goals is easily measured in a sales position. For example, you can see the number of calls you’ve made made, how many prospects you’ve reached, and how many sales you’ve made (Blitz Contact Manager keeps track of this information for you in our web-based contact management software). Since your accomplishments are more visible, it’s easier for you to be rewarded for your hard work.


4. You can develop new skills


With a job in sales, you’re constantly being challenged to develop and hone different skills. Since your targets may change on a weekly basis, your work stays more interesting. Also, when you place yourself in situations that force you to learn new skills, you keep your brain younger. So a job in sales can keep you younger, cranially speaking.


5. You’re encouraged to meet new people


An essential component of sales is selling to prospects. A job as a sales representative doesn’t mean being isolated in your office from the rest of the world. In order to succeed in your work, you must talk to buyers. Extroverts may find that the constant communication energizes them, while introverts may use the social interaction as a way to overcome shyness.