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As an administrator, once you’ve mastered assigning leads to your users, the next step is learning how to reassign leads. Reassigning leads is essential to proper lead management. When you reassign leads, you ensure that leads aren’t neglected or left to slip through the cracks. The process for lead reassignment in Blitz is just as simple as the process for assigning them the first time. Like all functions in Blitz, users can choose which redistribution process best fits their company. However, many Blitz administrators find that setting up Workflow is the easiest and most consistent way to redistribute their leads.


Blitz Lead Management Software’s Workflow functionality is a tool that can facilitate actions such as sending automatic emails, automatically scheduling appointments, automatically incrementing contract dates, automatically requoting (if you use Robo-Agent First Impressions), and automatically reassigning leads. When using Blitz software, you diminish the likelihood that leads will be lost when you set up workflow to automatically reassign these leads to a group of users.

Check out  this video from BlitzTV for more information on assigning leads.