Web Based contact management software

If you’re an administrator in Blitz sales software, assigning leads to other users is a key component to managing your sales team. Assigning leads to users in Blitz is a simple and flexible process. Blitz allows you to perform this function in whichever way best suits your company. Because you can assign leads in the way that best works for your business, you guarantee that users are being given equal workloads, and most importantly, that users are being assigned the leads most related to them.


Blitz Lead Manager puts you completely in charge of lead assignment, meaning you can choose whether you’d like to assign incoming leads manually or automatically. Assigning leads automatically only takes a few moments of setup and saves you a lot of time in the long run. To assign Internet leads, you should first separate your users into auto assign groups. An auto assign group can be made up of one or more users. When leads enter Blitz from a web form, Blitz knows to automatically assign these leads to the group you’ve designated to receive them. The software will use a round robin style to assign leads to the different members of the group or groups.


Leads that you import into the software can be distributed to your groups by percentage. Simply choose a campaign and check whether you’d like to assign all leads, or a percentage of leads (for example, all unassigned leads). With only a bit of set up, Blitz lead management will take note of your assignment style and carry out the distribution accordingly.


Watch this video from BlitzTV for more information on assigning leads from an imported list.