online contact manager systemWhile getting users set up in other things can be difficult (think about adding different users on your desktop), adding and managing users within Blitz sales software couldn’t be a simpler process. To add a user, first go to the administration tab and select manage users. Choose to add a new record and fill in the new user’s information, such as name and email address. When adding a new user, you have the ability to choose whether the user has “Admin” rights or “user” rights. If a user has admin rights, the administration menu appears in their version of the software.


A few administrative rights include the ability to create users, import leads, and view reports. Typically, administrators are users who are involved in management or leading sales teams. Employees whose primary job is contact management are usually given “user” rights. In addition to rights, you can also select whether the new user will have the ability to merge two potential duplicate leads. Once you’ve completed all of the fields, you’ve successfully added a new user to your system. New users are now able to log into Blitz contact manager software for the first time, and upon login they will be asked to change their password.


Keep in mind that every time you’d like to add a new user, you should create an entirely new user rather than updating one from a prior employee. This way, the new user enters the system with a blank slate. The user activity reports you create will be more accurate in tracking every move a new user makes, since their activity record is separate from the previous employee. In order to open up a spot for a new user, you should make a previous user’s account inactive. By deactivating the old account, you create space for a new user in your Blitz contact management license.


For to learn more about adding new users, check out this video from BlitzTV.