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It’s not often that people enjoy learning a whole new technological system. Jumping from the PC to Mac wasn’t simple. I had to explore, explore, explore the many features of my new laptop, and even now I still google how to take a screen shot. When you’re on the go, constantly flipping through a user manual can prove inefficient and even painful to the person who is accustomed to completing tasks a certain way.

Transitioning from your old lead management system to Blitz software is a painless process. Blitz offers a number of resources—BlitzBlog, BlitzTV, and free web presentations—to make sure your transition goes as smoothly as possible. Using Blitz to set up a lead campaign is easy because you’re already familiar with many of the software’s features. Since Blitz is web based, signing in on the login page is as simple as signing in to your Twitter account. #sosimple. The intuitive layout of Blitz means that setting up lead campaigns couldn’t get any easier. But if you need a little assistance on the smaller details, we’ve got your back.

Once you’ve imported your leads, you can quickly set up a campaign to begin tracking your sales team’s progress, the campaign’s ROI, and more. One handy feature in campaigns is default columns. These are columns that will display by default on the lead list. To edit which columns show by default, go to “manage campaigns” in the Administration dropdown and click the campaign settings icon next to the campaign you’d like to change. From there, you can click the default columns tab to choose which columns, like name, status, and address, display on your lead list. Setting up default columns within lead campaigns is not only effortless, but leads to quicker and more effective lead tracking.

If you’ve set up your default columns, you shouldn’t neglect creating a campaign call script. A campaign call script ensures your staff has a reference when prospecting. To create a call script, simply click the campaign settings icon next to a campaign (just like you did before to set up your default columns). You can type out your call script in the text area and even include lead substitutions to give your script a personalized tone.

Blitz also gives you the chance to write out a list of questions that you’ll be asking your leads. Much like a call script, having a list of questions to reference during a call means that you won’t forget what to say. You can also decrease the time it takes you to fill in history on the lead since the answers you type are saved in the lead’s history. Similar to how you set up default columns and call scripts, questions can be configured by clicking the campaign settings next to the campaign you’d like to change. Once you’ve hit the tab labeled “questions,” you can quickly fill in a list of your own.

With Blitz, you don’t have to learn a whole new sales system. Transitioning from your old process to Blitz is a breeze. The only difficult part about our sales contact management software is saying “sales contact management software,” three times fast.