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Shoot, I blew it! I knew I should’ve used Blitz’s call script.

Blitz software is as much a CRM as a lead manager. Within Blitz’s database, users can create a call script for each campaign. Call scripts may be as generic as the company would like in order to make them applicable to every lead within the campaign. Many companies find that using call scripts helps decrease variability in their conversations with leads. Phone conversations go smoother because employees are reminded of the conversation’s topic, or the questions they are supposed to ask of leads, when they view call scripts.

We at Blitz understand the human element to your sales process. That’s why we’ve equipped our call scripts with lead substitutions. Lead substitutions can be added to a campaign call script to populate specific information about the lead into the call script. For example, when a user utilizes a campaign call script during a phone conversation, the call script can be set to automatically add in the contact’s name. But that’s not the only substitution you can add. Blitz will allow you to include a lead’s name, address, county, and phone number on the script. Users can use these substitutions to verify the contact’s information during a call, to remind themselves to whom they are speaking, or to establish a more personal tone in a conversation over the phone.

Setting up lead substitutions within Blitz’s software is easy and takes only seconds. You’ll first need to create a call script for your campaign. As you write your script, you’ll see there are a number of lead substitutions you can add. A drop down menu lets you see all of your substitution options in one place, and you can select which substitution you’d like and where to place it. Blitz will also let you create your own lead substitutions, so you can customize the call script to generate the information you need. For step-by-step instructions on how to create campaign call scripts and lead substitutions, check out this video.