Check out these terrific marketing ideas to have the best insurance sales year ever!

The calendar has flipped into a brand new year. You’ve set your goals. Now, it’s time to execute in order to have the best insurance sales year ever. In order to help you do that, you’ll need effective marketing tools and strategies. Why? Simply because in today’s insurance world, marketing is a more important tool than ever to help grow your agency. The truth is, agencies who spend over 15% of their revenue on marketing tend to see revenues surge more than 20% year after year. With that being said, do you have all the marketing tools and strategies in place this year to grow your revenue? If not, here are a few terrific marketing ideas to help you have the best insurance sales year ever!

Easily Gain More Referrals

Everyone knows referrals are golden in the insurance sales world. But, do you receive all the possible referrals you could be getting? Probably not, unless you use Web Forms. Web Forms are a customizable web link friends and customers can use to give you instant referrals. This link can be embedded on your website, in an email signature, or on social media. Users simply click the link and fill in the basic information of their referral. Then, the referral can come instantly to you with an email or text notification so that you can reach out and engage a hot prospect! If you want to obtain even more referrals, consider adopting a referral rewards program that offers incentives such as discounts or prizes. With Web Forms and a rewards program, everyone wins!

The Automated Outbound Calling Approach

Did you know that 92% of all customer interactions occur over the phone? While this may come as a surprise to you, remember that it’s never too late to change your marketing approach! Many insurance agencies use an automated dialer to triple individual and agency call productivity compared to manual dialing. You most likely have a lead list lying around somewhere that’s been neglected for some time. Prospects, customer cross-sells, reviews, win-backs and requotes are all opportunities you can turn into a profit. Any of these lists can be easily uploaded into a web-based auto dialer. If you’re already making calls or have been neglecting your call lists, consider this marketing approach to make even more insurance sales.

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Use Your Knowledge to Stay Connected with Your Customers and Gain New Business

One thing that separates you from your customers is your knowledge of the insurance industry and recommended coverages. Use this knowledge to your advantage to stay connected with your customers and gain new clients! How can you do this? Start a blog on your website or a monthly newsletter that is sent out to your customers’ emails. There are countless articles you can write, but, regardless of what you decide, be sure it’s something of value that causes your readers to think. For example, let’s say you write about the value of having dog medical insurance. This topic can allow you to receive inquiries from your current customers or prospects about adding this to their coverage. Then, once you have your blog and/or newsletter, promote it on social media to gain new followers of your agency!

Intelligent Email Marketing to Retain Customers

It’s important to stay in front of your current customers, especially in the weeks leading up to their X-date. That’s why automated emails that recognize a contract date can be sent to your customers as a reminder and can even offer the opportunity for your agency to review coverage. Then, once you have a review appointment set, you can assess coverage and even cross-sell to customers. These automated emails will prevent you from losing customers to competitors simply because you will have contacted a customer for a review prior to the policy renewal date. Stay on top of your customers with email marketing for more insurance sales!

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