Improve your telemarketing lead generation and start getting results.

Winning more accounts and getting more business is important for every company.  It keeps the lights on and staff employed.  If your telemarketing lead generation needs a boost, there are a few things that you can do to ensure success.  Here are our top 10 tips for telemarketing lead generation.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #1: Define a Quality Lead
Effective telemarketing lead generation starts with know who your target customer is, and you want them to be.  Work with your team to clearly define a quality lead.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #2: Think Quality over Quantity
Lead generation is a numbers game.  But do not buy into the need to get a certain number of leads into your pipelines.  You need leads that will actually convert to sales otherwise all the leads in the world will be meaningless.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #3: Understand Your Target Market
Work with your sales and business development teams to ensure that the leads that are coming into your pipeline are properly defined.  Have a clear picture of your target market and who constitutes a viable lead for your sales funnel.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #4: Be Knowledgeable
There is never such a thing as too much knowledge.  Work with all levels of your organization to understand your customers, your leads, your industry, their pain points, what’s working, what’s not and more.  Become the knowledge expert your leads need.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #5: Don’t Give Up on Opportunities
Every sales lead is precious, so make sure you work those leads as best you can before moving onto the next one.  Telemarketing lead generation doesn’t always result in wins right out of the gate, so be sure to keep trying until you can close the sale.

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Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #6: Build a Personal Rapport
Sales is really about people. Find ways of connecting your to prospects and work towards the goal of building a personal rapport with each one.  This will help boost your telemarketing lead generation by making the consumer feel more at ease.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #7: Don’t Sound Scripted
This brings me to my next point. While it’s OK to use a sales script to help you frame a call or what to say in an email, it is essential that you sound at ease when talking to customers. That means sometimes going off script so you sound more natural and authentic.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #8: Become an Objection Handling Expert
Anyone working in sales sometimes gets a flimsy excuse as to why they cannot proceed at this time, or have time to talk to you.  Do some research and come up with a way to handle those objections in a professional manner, but one that aims to get them to see that they need to keep talking to you instead of saying goodbye.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #9: Keep Working Those Leads
Once you have identified a strong lead that you want to pursue, don’t give up so easily.  It might take 6-8 times before you can actually get in touch with the person you are pursuing.  Keep at it, and along the way offer them new information or a link to a new resource.

Telemarketing Lead Generation Tip #10: Stop Talking and Start Listening
If you leave this blog post with just one tip that you carry with you, make it this one: stop talking to leads and start listening. Sometimes with telemarketing lead generation it’s easy to get so wrapped up in getting your point across that you lose sight of the bigger picture.  Let your lead speak and listen to their needs, their concerns, and make note of their expectation.  It will be invaluable to your telemarketing lead generation efforts in the long run.

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How has your business used telemarketing lead generation to get more viable sales prospects and closed more deals? We want to hear from you! Share your thoughts below!