Ebooks, free trials, or give-aways? Effective lead generation techniques should be tailored to your unique industry to bring in the paying customers you want.

When you’re trying to make a sale, leads are your bread and butter. They tell you who may be interested in your product or service, which saves you a lot of time (and awkward cold calls). But what are you supposed to do when those leads aren’t coming in at the pace or volume you were hoping for? First, don’t panic — you’re not in the minority.

Only 13% of marketers say their lead generation strategies are “very successful” in achieving their primary objectives.

What are the remaining 87% of salespeople missing? Why aren’t they “very successful” in acquiring qualified leads? They may not be using lead generation techniques that directly target their unique industry. Every industry — whether you work in real estate, technology, or insurance — is different, and your lead generation efforts should zero in on those differences and consider what potential customers are looking for.

lead-managerlead-managerNow that the leads are starting to roll in, make sure you know how to manage them and follow up. Schedule a free demo with Blitz, and learn how we can help you close those deals.

Lead generation techniques by industry

You’re about to break out of your lead generation rut. Try some of the lead generation techniques listed below for the sector that you work in — you may end up with more qualified leads than you ever expected.

Insurance agents: Consider the various types of insurance that you sell and create some individualized methods for getting new leads. For example, develop a relationship with a real estate agent and contact individuals looking for a new home, or who just bought one, about home insurance. This strategy would also work for renters’ insurance leads. Make a similar connection with local auto dealers so you can reach out to leads about auto insurance for their new car, truck, motorcycle, or other new vehicles.

Mortgage brokers: Buying a home is a huge, life-changing decision, so many people look for mortgage calculators to determine what they can afford. Have one built for your website (there are also plenty of free ones available out there) and give people access if they enter their e-mail addresses.

Real estate agents: Many real estate agents provide access to their listings without any strings attached, but adding one extra step could help you acquire more leads. After someone has viewed two or more listings, prompt them to log into your website to see the rest, or let them have access to all the listings but only make the basic details viewable and require them to log in if they want to see your full inventory.

Financial advisors:  Individuals who contact financial advisors often like to try to “figure things out” on their own first. Be there for them while they’re in that phase and offer a free budgeting worksheet on your website that they can download if they enter their e-mail address.

Home services: Hiring a cleaning person or another in-home service may seem decadent to the average person, but you can make it accessible by offering a deal on Groupon or another online coupon website, which provides you with instant access to an eager marketplace. After their first discounted service from you, you can turn them into repeat customers.

Building services: Some contractors charge for estimates or tack on hidden fees for estimates that are allegedly free. Offer real, no-strings-attached, free estimates for a specific period and see how many leads you’re able to bring in.

SaaS and technology: In SaaS and technology companies, online freebies are king. Offer free downloads, like an eBook or a white paper, and require individuals to enter their e-mail addresses before downloading. Providing a free trial of your software or service is also a great way to attract leads.

Employment services: The best way to attract job seekers? Job listings, of course. Require users to log in to your site before they’re able to see your listings, or prompt them to log in after they’ve looked at a certain number of jobs. Another way to get new leads? Offer free resume reviews.
Call centers: When it comes to tried and true lead generation techniques in call centers, buying lists still reigns supreme. Make sure you do your homework first and only choose a reputable company from which to buy your lists.

Fitness centers: Aside from the busy period at the beginning of each new year, it can be challenging to find new leads for your fitness center. Add an offer to your website — require people to enter their e-mail and basic information, and then allow them to download and print a two-week free trial at your gym. Committing to a new gym right off the bat can be intimidating for some people, so the free trial is a solid way to get them in the door and show them the benefits of joining.

Prioritize trying out different lead generation techniques regularly.

Don’t wait for your leads to dry up before you start scrambling to figure out how to get more. Realize that you must always be proactive in the sales game; if you’re constantly trying out new lead generation techniques, you’ll likely encounter more leads that turn into customers and put money in your pocket.

lead-managerlead-managerNow that the leads are starting to roll in, make sure you know how to manage them and follow up. Schedule a free demo with Blitz, and learn how we can help you close those deals.

Did you find a lead generation technique that worked well for your business? Share your advice in the comments section below!