Insurance Agents

Blitz Sales Software™ is used by Agency Owners, Managers, and Producers to Automate Sales Follow When Working On…


Sales Follow-Up


Sales Follow-Up


Sales Follow-Up


Sales Follow-Up

Insurance Agents Blitz Sales Software™ To…


Sales Follow-Up 

  • Plan Follow-Up Activities
  • Organize Contacts
  • Segment Contacts
  • Sort and Filter Contacts
  • Search for Contacts


Sales Follow-Up

  • Contacts in One System
  • Auto Internet Leads
  • Send Drip Emails
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Record History Note


Sales Follow-Up

  • Track Opportunities
  • Track Milestones
  • Generate Reports
  • Monitor/Coach People
  • Analyze Results

What Are People Saying About Blitz?

Kevin Mlynarek, Agency Owner - Allstate

“My employees actually believe in using Blitz because they see the benefits AND results of having a highly effective and efficient tool. Blitz has changed the way we do business!”

Tom Sokol, Owner - Tom Sokol Insurance Agency

“I don’t think I’d be as successful with my cost per buy rate if I didn’t have a tool like Blitz.”

Patrick Morrison, LSP - Allstate

“…one on one training has helped me streamline my follow-up process for new customers. The automatic workflow is excellent… I wouldn’t want to work with anyone else.”

Joey Lee, Agency Owner - Allstate

“I love the fact that it will send us reminders to make phone calls for leads and it sends follow up emails out for us. This is critical instead of relying on the human brain to remind us on every lead.”

Kristian Suson, Agency Owner - Allstate

“Blitz is a great tool for organizing leads, it speeds up the productivity of my staff, and we can see the work we’ve done all in one convenient location.”

Reed Adelsperger, Producer - Brown & Brown

“This is the second agency I have used Blitz at and I absolutely love the software. So simple to set up and keep track of client conversations and correspondence. Definitely recommend to my coworkers.”

Paul Connolly, Owner - Connolly and Associates

“I started using Blitz to manage my leads for insurance sales, but with it’s array of benefits, I’ve been able to use this product in many facets outside of that. Furthermore, managing a sales team and their processes can’t be made much easier than using this system. With follow-up being so important in any sales organization, Blitz streamlines the functions of running a sales force and holding everyone accountable.”

Andrew Neveils, Office Manager - The Chapman Agency

“Blitz allows us to maximize our time and customize our processes to make us more efficient. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be selling more business in no time. ”

Michael Carroll, Partner - Carroll Insurance Group

“For all sales professionals who want to have a systematized workflow that will both aid you in closing and “keeping score” there is none better than Blitz! ”

How does the Blitz CRM for insurance agents help agencies grow?

1. Automatic Follow-up with emails and tasks for Leads, Referrals, Clients and Past Clients

•  Blitz CRM for insurance agents automatically schedules follow-ups and sends emails on your behalf in order to keep in front of leads, referrals, clients and past clients.

2. X-date Follow-up

•  Blitz insurance CRM software has workflows setup to automatically follow-up around the x-date. If you don’t get the sale, Blitz will continue to do future prospecting until you do.

3. Internet Leads and Website or Social Media Requests

•  Internet Leads and web forms for your website leads can be set to come directly into the system.  Once they are in Blitz, they can be automatically assigned to a rep and be part of the automatic follow-up process.

4. Sales and Service Rep Notifications (email, text, phone)

•  Blitz CRM for insurance agents will instantly notify reps of appointments, new leads via email phone.

5. Referral Management

•  Blitz allows referral partners to add leads or contacts directly into you Blitz database via the Blitz the web form or referral portal.

6. Neglected Leads or Contacts

•  Blitz has a neglected leads feature that makes sure that leads or contacts don’t fall through the cracks. If leads are not being followed-up on the agent, manager and staff will be able to see it.

7. Auto-Dialing

•  Blitz had multiple auto-dialers built into the system. This allows agents to quickly get through their leads or contacts.

8. Lead Popping and Click to Call with VOIP

•  Blitz allows agents to be able to have the contact pop-up on their screen when a contact calls in and also allows them to use click-to-call functionality to eliminate the manual dialing.

9. Email Templates

•  Email templates can be customized to fit the correct communication to your contacts.

10. Tracking Deals/Proposals

•  Blitz has a feature called opportunities which allows the ability to put a dollar figure next to the product or service being sold. In addition, any proposals can be attached to the contacts.

Please review our lead manager, referral manager, client manager and past client manager to see the many things that you can utilize within the system.