Financial Advisors

Blitz Sales Software™ is used by Financial Advisors to Automate Sales Follow When Working On…


Sales Follow-Up


Sales Follow-Up


Sales Follow-Up


Sales Follow-Up

Financial Advisors use Blitz Sales Software™ To…


Sales Follow-Up 


  • Plan Follow-Up Activities
  • Organize Contacts
  • Segment Contacts
  • Sort and Filter Contacts
  • Search for Contacts


Sales Follow-Up


  • Contacts in One System 
  • Auto Internet Leads
  • Send Drip Emails
  • Automatic Reminders
  • Record History Note


Sales Follow-Up


  • Track Opportunities
  • Track Milestones
  • Generate Reports
  • Monitor/Coach People
  • Analyze Results

Financial Companies

Allstate Insurance

American Family

American Financial





Cincinati Financial

Colonial Life

Country Financial

Erie Insurance

Farm Bureau


Liberty Mutual

Met Life


New York Life

Reserved National



US Health Advisors

We Insure Florida




How does the Blitz CRM For Financial Advisors help Financial Advisors grow?

1. Automatic Follow-up with emails and tasks for Clients, Referrals, Leads, and Past Clients

•  Blitz CRM software for financial advisors automatically schedules follow-ups and sends emails on your behalf in order to keep in front of leads, referrals, clients and past clients.

2. Referral Management

•  Blitz CRM software for financial advisors allows referral partners to add leads or contacts directly into you Blitz database via the Blitz the web form or referral portal.

3. Email Templates

•  Email templates can be customized to fit the correct communication to your contacts.

4. Neglected Leads or Contacts

•  Blitz CRM for financial advisors has a neglected leads feature that makes sure that leads or contacts don’t fall through the cracks. If leads are not being followed-up on the agent, manager and staff will be able to see it.

5. Internet Leads and Website or Social Media Requests

•  Internet Leads and web forms for your website leads can be set to come directly into the system.  Once they are in Blitz CRM for financial advisors, they can be automatically assigned to a rep and be part of the automatic follow-up process.

6. Sales and Service Rep Notifications (email, text, phone)

•  Blitz will instantly notify reps of appointments, new leads via email phone.

7. Tracking Deals/Proposals

•  Blitz has a feature called opportunities which allows the ability to put a dollar figure next to the product or service being sold. In addition, any proposals can be attached to the contacts.

Please review our client manager, lead manager, referral manager and past client manager to see the many things that you can utilize within the system.