Newsletter – November 2012

Welcome to Blitz Lead Management Software’s November 2012 Newsletter!  We are excited to provide all of our customers with the tools they need to finish out this year strong.  Below you will find information about our new partner, CitaLink.  CitaLink is an autodialing tool that helps business reach up to double or triple the number of leads per hour, and this new partnership will help users get through their leads even faster.  You will also find below several tutorials and tips to keep your business growing and manage your time more efficiently.  Thank you for reading!

Partner of the Month:


Citalink is a cutting edge calling solutions company, providing cost effective autodialing for sales and marketing professionals.  Their web based technology helps companies make over 50 professional calls per hour, in turn tripling their return on marking dollars and increasing productivity by over 300%.  Setup is easy, there are no long distance charges, and no long term contracts.  Whether you sell from corporate, home, or a satellite office… If your goal is to update, qualify, sell, or appointment set, this is the online marketing tool you’ve been waiting for.

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News & Announcements:

Blitz Lead Manager and CitaLink are now integrated

Users that have CitaLInk and Blitz accounts are now able to link them for even faster dialing!  Users are able to choose and call leads directly from Blitz using the autodialing function of their CitaLink account.  During the calls users can update leads within Blitz, schedule appointments, leave voicemails, and move to the next call all from one convenient screen.

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Did you know…

How to add a Blitz web form to your website?

If your website is getting a good amount of traffic, the Blitz web form can easily generate new business by giving prospects the option of filling out a form instead of waiting for their call (some people will simply NOT make that phone call!).  It also gives you the flexibility of choosing what information you need to gather from them- much better than the “send email” options many sites have.

How do I set this up?

What Linkedin is and how it can be used to bring in more leads and sales?

More companies are using social media programs, such as Linkedin, to contact and find leads as well as get their name out there. With the internet world growing at such a rapid pace, it is absolutely imperative that businesses are keeping up with new technologies that their target audience is using to connect with people and companies.

Check out the infographic

How to use Blitz quicker and more efficiently?

One major reason businesses use Blitz productivity.  They get more work done in less time, ultimately resulting in more sales.  If you aren’t seeing these same results, maybe you are unaware of some key features in Blitz that quickly get successful businesses through their everyday rush of tasks.

9 shortcuts you may have missed

How to merge two Excel spreadsheets?

Often when exporting a list, they will give you the option of exporting the phone number OR the address.  What if you need both?

How to merge two spreadsheets into one

How to merge two columns in one Excel spreadsheet?

We hear a lot of cases of users who are wanting to merge columns together before importing into Blitz.  This may be because the spreadsheet has the address split up into several columns, or the data you want to insert into a custom field is split up (such as auto information, etc.).  Regardless of the reason, below is a tutorial for merging these columns together.

Merging columns in Excel

The top 15 best sales & business Apps of 2012?

Sales and business applications for the iPhone or Android devices have added much to the way society does business. Invoicing, business tips and advice, lead management software, time sheet tracking or social media management, you name it, there’s an app for that!

Check out the list

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